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IMC at Mondiacult 2022

The UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022 will be convened by UNESCO forty years after the first Mondiacult World Conference on Cultural Policies held in Mexico City (Mexico) in 1982. It will be hosted from 28 to 30 September 2022 by the Government of Mexico in Mexico City.


Global Music Vault partners with Microsoft for project 'Silica'

ELIRE GMV msoft silica product shoot
The Project Silica Proof of Concept 

Did you know that today's solution for storing music data is facing a multitude of challenges?

To date, tape technology has been the most commonly used storage medium, with little innovation over the years resulting in a huge fragmentation and fragility of storage facilities all around the world. As a founding partner of the Global Music Vault, the International Music Council (IMC) welcomes the partnership struck up by Elire Group - the inititator of the Vault - and Microsoft for the project 'Silica' which uses an innovative technology to make sure that music stored in the Vault will be preserved for centuries.

The research team at Microsoft in Cambridge is working on paradigm-breaking solutions in ultrafast laser optics and machine learning, to provide the world with phenomenal storage capability using fused silica glass. Project Silica is part of the broader Optics for the Cloud project, which explores the future of cloud infrastructure at the intersection of optics and computer science. With glass being a very inert material, the silica glass platter is fully resilient to electromagnetic pulses (EMP), and to the most challenging environmental conditions. It can be baked, boiled, scoured, flooded, subjected to EMP and in other ways attempted to be tampered with, without degradation of the data written in the glass. The Proof of Concept (PoC) platter used in the global Music Vault, is the size of a glass coaster, with 100GB of data in any digital format, encrypted or unencrypted. A laser encodes data in glass by creating layers of three-dimensional nanoscale gratings and deformations. Machine learning algorithms read the data back by decoding images and patterns that are created as polarised light shines through the glass.

Alfons Karabuda International Music Council Luke Jenkinson Global Music Vault
Alfons Karabuda and Luke Jenkinson


IMC President Alfons Karabuda said: ‘I’m thrilled to see the goals set by the Global Music Vault through the project Silica. It will ensure not only safe and environmentally friendly archiving of music but ensuing that the global diversity of music is at hand for present and future composers and songwriters to learn and be inspired from.’

Luke Jenkinson, Managing Director of Global Music Vault, explains that they made contact with Microsoft after following the developments of project 'Silica' work for several years.

"With over 4 million music producers globally, and over 60,000 songs being released just on Spotify every day, today's digital and physical data storage solutions are quickly becoming outdated, irrelevant and a risk to our future. We not only want to put this high on the global music industry agenda, we want to work with the best companies in the world to find solutions. As we want to offer the global music ecosystem an eternal solution, we believe that Microsoft’s Silica is that exact solution for our storage needs", says Jenkinson. He adds that the PoC will contain music and audio/visual contributions from the likes of pioneering innovator and artist Beatie Wolfe [UK], International music award Polar Music Prize [Sweden], Alexander Turnbull Library (part of the The National Library of New Zealand) [NZ] and International Library of African Music (ILAM) [South Africa].

The International Music Council, one of the Global Music Vault’s founding partners, has also contributed by adding even more diversity to the PoC. IMC facilitated the inclusion of material by two Music Rights Awards laureates, the Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies (Argentina) and Fayha Choir (Lebanon), as well as from Ketebul Music [Kenya], Kenyan organisation led by IMC Music Rights Champion Tabu Osusa.


#CULTURE2030GOAL SURVEY: What Could a Culture Goal Look Like?

Français / Español

An explicit goal in post-2030 frameworks is key to realising the potential of culture to accelerate development.
In the framework of IMC advocacy activities towards an explicit dedicated Goal on Culture in post-2030 global development frameworks, and towards Mondiacult, the UNESCO Global Conference on Cultural Policies (Mexico City, September 2022), the IMC and fellow members of the #culture2030campaign, have launched a survey aiming at gathering visions and inputs on what this Goal should look like.

The survey is available in English, Spanish and French. It is addressed to anyone interested in the essential role of culture in development. It will only take 4 to 6 minutes to answer it.
The deadline to answer is 21 June 2022.
See also the #culture2030goal Declaration towards Mondiacult 2022 here.


Un objectif explicite consacré à la culture dans les cadres de développement post-2030 sera essentiel pour réaliser son potentiel dans l'accélération du développement.
Dans le cadre des activités de plaidoyer du CIM pour l'émergence d'un Objectif explicite consacré à la culture dans les cadres mondiaux de développement post-2030, et dans la perspective de la Conférence Internationale de l'UNESCO sur les Politiques Culturelles, Mondiacult (Ville de Mexico, septembre 2022), le CIM et les autres membres de la campagne #culture2030goal, ont lancé une enquête visant à recueillir vos visions et opinions sur ce que devrait être cet Objectif.
L'enquête est disponible en français, en anglais et en espagnol. Elle s'adresse à quiconque s'intéresse au rôle essentiel que joue la culture dans le développement. Elle ne prendra qu'entre 4 et 6 minutes de votre temps.
La date limite pour y répondre est le 21 juin 2022.
Vous pouvez également consulter la Déclaration de la campagne #culture2030goal en vue de Mondiacult ici.


Un Objetivo explícito en los marcos de desarrollo post-2030 será clave para la realización del potencial de la cultura para acelerar el desarrollo.
En el marco de las actividades de influencia del CIM para la emergencia de un Objetivo explícito dedicado a la cultura en los marcos globales post-2030 para el desarrollo, y de cara a la Conferencia Internacional de la UNESCO sobre políticas culturales, Mondiacult (CIudad de México, septiembre de 2022), el CIM, junto con los otros miembros de la campaña #culture2030goal, ha lanzado una encuesta para recoger visiones y opiniones sobre cómo debería ser este Objetivo.
La encuesta está disponible en español, inglés y francés. Se dirige a quien esté interesado en el papel de la cultura en el desarrollo y las ciudades y territorios sostenibles. Solo tomará entre 4 y 6 minutos de su tiempo.
El plazo para enviar su respuesta es el 21 de junio de 2022.
También pueden consultar la Declaración de la campaña #culture2030goal de cara a Mondiacult 2022 aquí.

EMC Newsletter on Europe Day

EMC logo 2010


Dear readers,

It's Europe Day on 9 May! This is a good occasion to read up on updates from EU cultural policy and have a look at our "Music sector & Ukraine" info on the website. And don't miss: The EMC Fellowship call is out! Find out more below!

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IMC Statement on Ukraine

The IMC declares the strongest stand against the denial of fundamental rights, including the Five Music Rights, taking place in countries across the globe and most egregiously being committed by the Russian government and armed forces against the people of Ukraine in flagrant disregard of obligations under international law.

Acting on this stance, IMC has withdrawn from the designation of Moscow as the planned venue for the General Assembly and IMC Board Meetings in June of 2023.

A decision has also been made not to hold or participate in any meetings or events in Russia until an end to the war.

EMC Fellowship Programme

EMC logo 2010

The EMC Fellowship Programme offers emerging professionals working in the field of music an opportunity to internationalise their careers and to develop professionally.

For one year (with the possibility of extension for a second year), up to 10 young people are invited to take part in the EMC Lab 2022, get exclusive access to further EMC events (e.g. the European Forum on Music 2023) and are included in the EMC’s internal (membership) communication.

Apply now!

Rachael Xu's concert raises funds for IMC Global Friends Programme

(Photo Courtesy of Yong Nie)


April 1, 2022 marked a very special day for 12-year-old Rachael Xu, who gave her very first live accordion solo concert at Gade Community Concert Hall in Chengdu, China, to an audience of 200 people.

Rachael played a 11-piece program, varying from classical, light jazz, ethnic, to pop music. Her performance truly captured the hearts of the audience and received a long standing ovation afterwards.
Rachael will donate the 1500 EUR income from ticket sales to the “Global Friends” program of the International Music Council, so that more children globally will have the opportunity to have access to education through music.

This was the first off-line event after the postponement due to the global pandemic. In the following months, Rachael will take her talent to many other cities across China and Asia, thereby also working towards her goal of donating 10,000 Euro to IMC on this year to year tour.

The global pandemic has slowed down the pace of events, but not her desire and determination to use her talent to support the Five Music Rights.
Rachael was born and raised in the city of Chengdu, hometown of the giant pandas, located in Southwest China. She is currently a 6th grader at Chengdu Montpellier International Primary School.

SHIFT: Implement the shift eco-guidelines for networks now


The SHIFT partners are really proud to release the Eco-Guidelines for Networks as a result of a collaborative process between the partners, Green Leisure Group and Creative Carbon Scotland. The eco-guidelines are structured in such a way, that they could in the future be integrated into a certification scheme specifically for cultural network- and platform-organisations. The project partners consider the guidelines as a first step toward filling a gap in the environmental certification offering, as well as a tool that can be implemented to achieve change, starting today.

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EMC stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the music sector in all its diversity

The International Music Council joins its regional group for Europe, the European Music Council, in expressing our solidarity with Ukrainian colleagues and people.
We are deeply concerned about the lasting consequences of the war for the entire world and the threats that it represents for human and cultural rights.
We stand behind the actions of support undertaken by EMC, members in Europe and our European partner networks.

EMC Statement

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces is an appalling act of war on a sovereign and peaceful European country. The Board of the European Music Council is shocked by the current situation and the loss of innocent lives.

We stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and the Ukrainian people as they stand up to the Russian invaders. We express our empathy with all who are currently fleeing from the terrible attacks and trying to save their lives and those of their families.

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