The Pointy End

The Coronavirus Quieted City Noise. Listen to What’s Left.

Microphones on once-busy street corners and public parks have recorded the sound of the pandemic.

The New York Times

Choirs reimagine themselves as singing proves an effective way to spread COVID-19

'Who would have thought that singing could be dangerous, or deadly?'


How to use music to boost your running, whether over a mile or a marathon

From music’s effects on fatigue to its motivational properties, the right soundtrack is a powerful tool for improving your ability to run well.

The Guardian

Why drill music is being used to teach philosophy

It's been a couple of years since large sections of the media first started panicking about drill music, questioning if the genre's often violent lyrics were contributing to knife crime in London - sometimes claiming outright that they were.


Les goûts musicaux influent sur l'orthographe des jeunes Français

Écouter de la musique classique ou du jazz rendrait-il les jeunes meilleurs en orthographe ? Écouter une sonate de Beethoven ou décrypter les paroles de Booba a-t-il une conséquence sur les notes en dictée ?

Le Point

La música como terapia antiestrés para el aislamiento

Parece curioso pensar que un gesto tan sencillo y natural como escuchar una melodía musical o canción en estos momentos de aislamiento diario en casa, pueda mejorar la calidad de vida y ayudar a nuestro organismo a liberar oxitocina (hormona de la felicidad) y bajar el cortisol, con la finalidad de bajar el nivel de estrés.

El Periódico

How music is keeping this global company connected

Keeping employees connected and engaged is a top HR challenge on the best of days—and in the middle of a pandemic that has forced millions to suddenly work from home, it has become even more of a concern. For one global company, the solution to that vexing problem has come in the form of music.


The importance of music on the NBA, 'The Last Dance'

On this edition of the Bulls Talk Podcast, Laurence Holmes, Jason Goff, Chris Tannehill and Jay ILLa discuss the influence of music on the NBA culture.

Yahoo News

Musicians Playing Through the Lockdown, to One Listener at a Time

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the cancellation of most cultural events, including concerts. But two German orchestras found an intensely personal way to play on.

The New York Times

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