The Pointy End

In contemporary opera, can less be more?

Trickery with 3D, iPhones and sports doping references are all very well, but might a simpler approach be better?


The Disappearing Accent in Pop Music

Why do pop music vocalists generally seem to sing without an accent?

The New York Times

How the MTV generation turned movies into long music videos

All kinds of "social ills" have been blamed on MTV – elongating the period we consider "youth" for example, as well as homogenising it – but a charge much less contestable is simply its influence on the way film and TV looks.

The Guardian

Wish You Had Perfect Pitch? Researchers Find Epilepsy Drug May Help Adults Develop Rare Skill

Perfect pitch, also called absolute pitch, is the ability to accurately name any pitch you hear. People with perfect pitch can sing any note of the chromatic scale without hearing reference pitches first.


Why One Record Label Pays People To Download Music

As record labels continue to grapple with how to make money from music when there's an internet, one label called Care Of Editions has devised a weird solution we couldn't help being curious about.

Nudists at the Opera

In a more recent posting on this thread, someone asked about renting opera glasses. This was the official response from the opera company: "Unfortunately, for hygienic reasons, we have no opera glasses on hire."


What's the point of pop-up opera?

Opera's resilience is nowhere more evident that in its current habit of popping up in pub theatres, abandoned warehouses and back gardens, staged and performed by people doing it for love rather than the minimum wage (if that).

The Telegraph

Why Do We Always Compromise Quality In the Name of Convenience?

Consumers want their music whenever, wherever and the digital age has given us the power to make that happen.

New Music Box

Why there's nothing wrong with being bored by opera

Do you find opera tedious? Do bits of Shakespeare send you to sleep? Well, you're not alone. David Hare, Julian Barnes and John Eliot Gardiner talk to John Crace about the importance of being bored.

The Guardian

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