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Why I Invited Listeners to Snap Photos During a Concert

Whip out your cell phone and start photographing at a sporting event and nobody will notice – other fans are probably snapping photos anyway. But try that at a symphony concert and you'll be glared at – unless you're at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.


Why Aren't There More Music-Related Oscars?

For far too long, music's relationship with the Oscars has been a one-way street.


Mapping Differences In America's Musical Tastes, State By State

Are you streaming music right now? If you're in America's Pacific region, there's a much better chance you're nodding along with Cat Power rather than grooving to Fantasia, which you'd be more likely to be doing if you were across the country in the South Atlantic.



Rubbish music: why we judge others for their musical tastes

It's common to judge someone based on the music they like, despite musical preference being largely subjective. But why do musical tastes differ so, and why do we feel the need to criticise those with tastes that don't match our own?

The Guardian

Top 5 Oscar-Nominated Films that Would Make Great Operas

The silver screen has been a source of inspiration for opera composers more and more frequently. On the eve of the Oscars, here are five of this year's Academy Award-nominated films we believe could be sung on the stage.


Why do men cling to the music they grew up with?

Does age matter when it comes to pop? Why do people over, say, 35 – and men, especially – cling fiercely to their pop music memories? Pop stars continue to grow old ungracefully, but what about fans?

The Telegraph

Don't blame Bieber, kids have always idolised idiots

The silly child star from smalltown Ontario has no more responsibility to behave with decorum than anyone else.


Arena music in Sochi has American appeal

Russia - The International Olympic Committee tells the music directors at its sites to not show favoritism, that their mission is to unite the fans watching the events, to get athletes from all countries moved to play at their highest level.

Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Cute? Hardly. The Beatles subverted the American way of life.

Half a century ago, they led the British invasion of American pop music and changed everything.

Los Angeles Times

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