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Pop music sold us on consumerism, one single at a time

In hit songs, wealth is success, and success is always earned.


How Does the West African Talking Drum Accurately Mimic Human Speech?

A new study explores how the dùndún replicates tones and patterns of the Yorùbá language.

Smithsonian Mag

The Sound of Silence: What Happens When Our Brains Imagine Music?

In a pair of new studies, researchers have shown how our brains continue to activate in response to music, even when listening to gaps between notes and when imagining music without sound.

Technology Networks

Tant que Britney Spears est sous tutelle, faut-il encore écouter sa musique?

Des membres du mouvement #FreeBritney se posent la question estimant que les revenus liés à l’écoute des chansons vont dans les poches de son père, pas dans les siennes.

The Huffington Post

El reguetón provoca mayor actividad cerebral que escuchar clásica o folclore

Un estudio del neurocirujano Jesús Martín-Fernández abre la puerta a ver cómo afecta este experimento a pacientes con enfermedades neurodegenerativas como el Parkinson.

El Periódico

The Surprising Reasons Your Music Taste Predicts Your Vote

Science-backed reasons politics isn’t about opinion.

Extra News

Bass guitar smashed at Clash gig to join relics at Museum of London

Fender bass was hurled into stage by Paul Simonon in New York, as seen on London Calling album cover.

The Guardian

Yes, earworms are annoying, but they may help you process memories

In the dark corners of the internet hides a playlist of some of the most torturous, addictive music known to man. That’s right, Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music all have playlists of “Baby Shark” remixes. Do doo, do do, do do, do.


Michael Jackson : son impact sur l’art contemporain

Michael Jackson, « The King of Pop« , est une des personnalités les plus influentes de siècle dernier. Son héritage ancré dans la culture populaire, se poursuit aujourd’hui et a un impact considérable sur l’art contemporain.

Museum TV

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