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Comment sont nées les comédies musicales ?

Quels sont les secrets de Starmania ?Qu’est-ce qu’une comédie musicale? Comment est né ce genre théâtral mêlant comédie, chant et danse? Pourquoi Broadway, célèbre avenue de New York, en est devenu l’emblème ?


La música ayuda al cerebro a formar recuerdos a largo plazo

Debido a que las emociones mejoran los procesos de la memoria y la música evoca emociones fuertes, esta podría participar en la formación de recuerdos.

La Red 21

The jazz singer’s mind shows us how to improvise through life itself

At one point during the aptly titled opening song ‘Feed the Fire’ at the 1993 Hamburg Jazz Festival, the improvising singer par excellence Betty Carter went to sing a line but the audience heard nothing – her microphone lead had dropped out of its socket.


John Cage Fans Celebrate Chord Change In 639-Year-Long Performance

The score for Cage’s 1987 work “Organ2/ASLSP,” or “As Slow As Possible,” consists of eight pages of music to be played ... extremely slowly. And while a typical performance would last maybe an hour, the John Cage Organ Project is taking that “as slow as possible” directive very seriously.


Pop music is getting faster (and happier)

The average tempo of 2020's top 20 best-selling songs is a pulse-quickening 122 beats per minute. That's the highest it's been since 2009.


Pourquoi les berceuses sont-elles si bénéfiques pour les bébés?

Pourquoi chante-t-on des berceuses à son bébé ? Pour l’endormir, d'accord, mais pas seulement. Les berceuses ont des bénéfices insoupçonnés sur le cerveaux des tout-petits. Explications en sept points.

France Musique

Música pode ser aliada na recuperação de pacientes oncológicos

Estudo mostrou influência dos sons, inclusive em pacientes submetidos a anestesia geral.


Where Are The Thousands Of Nazi-Looted Musical Instruments?

In April 1945, Madame Roos wrote a letter to French authorities describing her piano she was hoping to get back. Roos, who was 72, was Jewish and her piano had been stolen when Nazis emptied her apartment in Paris.


German coronavirus experiment enlists help of concertgoers

4,000 music fans to attend gig as part of study into how virus spreads in large gatherings

The Guardian

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