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Cautious optimism in China as nightlife resumes after lockdown

Scenes in cities like Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen have been at a standstill since the start of the year from the coronavirus pandemic.

Resident Advisor

Human Life Is Literally Quieter Due To Coronavirus Lockdown

Humans around the world are stuck inside due to the coronavirus. How is the natural world reacting in the absence of all the noise we usually make?


Se réveiller en musique améliorerait notre vigilance

Si vous n'êtes pas du matin, ouvrir les yeux à l'aube peut s'avérer une rude épreuve. Et le choix de la sonnerie du réveil est loin d'être anodin.

Futura Sciences

If you want your team to perform, do it to music

How do you motivate your staff when working remotely? Simple: play them some songs.

DOF Online

How to Make the Perfect Playlist

Need something fresh to listen to? Maybe something inspiring? These tips will help.

The New York Times

Artist News Business News Industry People Music Industry Therapists & Coaches launches free guide for coping with self-isolation

The free ebook offers advice on recognising and relieving anxiety, reducing panic attacks, calming anxious children and working from home.


Top Music Industry Documentaries

If you’ve already binged through your favorite series but aren’t quite ready to commit to reading a book, these music documentaries can be a great way for music nerds to pass the time while waiting out their social isolation.


Scientists have turned the structure of the coronavirus into music

But why would you set a virus to music? The new format can help scientists find sites on the protein where antibodies or drugs might be able to bind—simply by searching for specific musical sequences that correspond to these sites.

Science Mag

La musique stimule-t-elle vos performances cognitives?

Le fait que la musique puisse rendre une tâche difficile plus tolérable peut être la raison pour laquelle les élèves choisissent souvent de l’écouter tout en faisant leurs devoirs ou en étudiant pour les examens. Mais écouter de la musique est-il le choix intelligent pour les étudiants qui souhaitent optimiser leur apprentissage?

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