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Inventé il y a 25 ans, le MP3 a révolutionné l’industrie musicale

Le célèbre format de compression fête ses 25 ans. Retour sur une innovation qui a transformé notre manière de consommer la musique.

Le Nouvelliste

Música tridimensional, ¿tecnología del futuro?

Primero fue el mono. Luego el estéreo. Después del surround. Ahora es el momento del audio inmersivo.

Cultur Plaza

‘Now Hear This’ modeled itself after cooking shows. It found millions of viewers with an appetite for classical music

The bad news is that the entire classical music world (well, the American part, anyway) is canceled due to technical difficulties. The good news is that the entire classical music world is also technically at our fingertips, ready to play.

The Washington Post

Musicians beat pandemic blues with Quaver

Whilst social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic has put most creative musical collaborations on ice, the Quaver app allows 'orchestra quality’ practice, play and critique through innovative technology and social sharing.

Cision PR

This music start-up’s AI makes sound decisions

Defending your taste in music is usually a bit of fun over a pub table, but for those in the music industry these choices define fortune or failure.

Business Cloud

Elon Musk dit que la technologie Neuralink pourrait diffuser de la musique directement vers le cerveau

Le patron de SpaceX et Tesla a concentré son attention sur Neuralink, un système innovant de puces cérébrales. Selon Elon, la technologie pourrait «aider à contrôler les niveaux d’hormones», ce qui pourrait «améliorer les capacités et le raisonnement et soulager l’anxiété».

Urban Fusions

Esta tecnología convierte el papel normal en un reproductor de música interactivo

Imagina convertir una hoja convencional de papel o cartón en un material impermeable, interactivo y capaz de recolectar energía o reproducir música.

TIC Beat

Inside Youtube’s Artist Analytics Tool With Music In Mind

YouTube’s incredible reach makes it a must for artists looking to expand the community and fanbase. Recognizing this, the popular video-sharing platform recently rolled out a new Artist Analytics tool, designed to help musicians better track their performance.


Why SEO Is Vital For Musicians In 2020

SEO should always be an important marketing strategy for musicians — but thanks to the uncertain times we’re going through in 2020, it has become more important than ever. That’s especially true for “DIY musicians,” who are trying to be seen and heard on their own.

Music Think Tank

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