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Science of Autotune: Altering Sounds in Music Industry

One invention that has revolutionized the way we hear and produce music is ‘Autotune.’ Since its introduction in 1997 by Antares Audio Technologies, Autotune has become a staple in recording studios worldwide, affecting the sound of popular music.


Universal partners with generative AI startup Endel to create ‘AI-powered, artist-driven functional music’

According to Endel, so-called functional music (e.g. music for sleep, running, relaxation etc) “represents one of the largest sub-categories of music listening worldwide, encompassing an estimated 15 billion streams a month across all music platforms”.

Music Business Worldwide

Making Intelligent Noise: AI In The Music Industry

Like any other great disruptive tech, AI can be imagined anywhere and everywhere, and the music industry is no exception.


Notre musique nous rend-elle sourds ?

« Quand on parle de surcompression, on parle d’absence de micropauses et de densité sonore extrêmement importante, explique Christian Hugonnet, ingénieur acousticien. Ce n’est pas une simple question de volume, on parle d’un son qui ne redescend jamais, qui reste chargé et qui, à la longue, provoque une rupture du réflexe stapédien. »

La Presse

YouTube Music estaría introduciendo nuevas características al estilo de TikTok

YouTube Music es el último servicio de streaming que ha decidido agregar un poco más de contenido «Para ti» en su aplicación. La plataforma está probando una nueva pestaña llamada «Samples» que ha sido vista por algunos usuarios de YouTube Music, con un feed de clips de videos musicales que se desplaza verticalmente.

Industria Músical

Automated music detection and reporting through audio fingerprinting

Over several years, algorithmic companies specializing in music recognition have emerged, but their collaborations with the various media providers are often fragmented and limited.


5 Positive Ways to Use AI in Music Production

Applications of AI in music production exist beyond questionable vocal cloning. Here are the ethical uses of this tech in music.

Make Use Of

AI-powered text-to-music is already here. What’s next?

In January, a group of researchers at Google released MusicLM – an AI-based music generator that can convert text prompts into audio segments. It’s another example of the rapid pace of innovation in an incredible few years for creative AI.


Musique et IA : lune de miel ou noces funèbres ?

Avec leur démocratisation, les outils d’intelligence artificielle déboulent dans l’industrie musicale et les musiciens s’en emparent. Vont-ils stimuler leur créativité ou au contraire risquent-ils de faire taire la voix des muses, et d’ailleurs, l’IA tient-elle toutes ses promesses pour repenser l’acte de création ?

Les Inrocks

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