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Queering the music scene in the Middle East

Few Middle Eastern musicians subvert expectations quite like the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila.


Taliban Music Ban May Befall Afghanis After U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Imagine a country where music is outlawed; where those caught playing any kind of music — from folk to classical to pop — are routinely beaten and pilloried, their instruments smashed.


Confronting Our Complicity: Music Theory and White Supremacy

For many students, the traditional music theory core curriculum is an undesirable and yet unavoidable part of their college music experience. It becomes something to be suffered through, survived rather than savored.

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Faut-il un utérus pour jouer de la harpe?

Prenez un orchestre classique, et regardez qui se cache derrière les pupitres. La plupart du temps, au trombone, c’est un homme. Aux percussions ? Un homme. Le chef d’orchestre ? Un homme. Et à la harpe ? Une femme.


Censura en la música

La censura y su represión ha sido el eje vertebrador de una mesa redonda en la que un filósofo, una jurista y un cantante, comandados por un crítico musical, han abordado los dilemas en torno a la libertad de creación creativa.


YouTube Blocks Rap Song Critical of Thai Monarchy

A music video by Thailand’s foremost dissent rap group was blocked by YouTube as of Monday night.


Seeking justice for Lion Sleeps Tonight composer

Zimbabwean music mogul Munya Chanetsa felt his hackles rise when he learnt about the royalties battles that have been fought over the song Mbube - also known as The Lion Sleeps Tonight.


Copyright infringement – music lesson or public performance?

Imagine that you have a daughter who likes to play the piano and is enthusiastic about improving her musical skills and experience. She finds music lessons in your neighbourhood and asks you to let her attend. At her lessons she purchases a score and plays recent, popular songs on the piano with her teacher; but one day, someone knocks on the classroom door and states that the music lessons are infringing copyright.


Barakina, le rappeur nigérien qui dénonce la mal gouvernance

Dans un pays où le désert domine le paysage, la scène musicale populaire du Niger est resté longtemps méconnue. C'est pourquoi il était formidable d'entendre Barakina sur l'émission phare de la BBC "This Is Africa". Un homme qui a de grandes ambitions pour son pays - et pour le continent.


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