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World Piano Competition: The battles intensify

Not long ago, a handful of famous piano competitions launched an elite few into stardom.

Cincinnati News

Does it really matter if a choir is ‘professional’ or ‘amateur’?

It's a very simple distinction, and one that many performers and listeners would not bother either to make or to question, but what is the difference, in music, between 'professional' and 'amateur'?


Songs Inspired By The Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement captured the nation's attention in 1963, and musicians proved no exception.


Electric Guitars Amp Up New Classical Music

Going on a century ago, classical composers signaled modernity — and, frequently, their own American identity (either native-born or adopted) — by interweaving the sounds of jazz into their own work.


Orchestral manoeuvres

Over 57 summer nights, millions will listen to the BBC Proms, the world's biggest music festival.

Financial Times

Obscure brass instrument gets its second wind

Wondering why you've never heard of the ophicleide before? With a mouthpiece like a trombone, the ophicleide is a forerunner of the modern tuba but uses keys like a saxophone.


The Mystique of the Kakaki

The kakaki is a ten-foot royal trumpet utilized in traditional African music. The kakaki is blown by only by men in Hausa societies, and it is generally reserved for specific occasions, such as a ceremony at the emir's palace.

All Africa

Five must-hear songs about Mandela

Few people in the history of politics, or indeed the world, have inspired as many songs as Nelson Mandela.

Mail & Guardian

Music and melodies to manipulate senses

Music was more than melody in 17th century Europe – it was a way to manipulate the senses.
"One of the big fashions was the idea of the alleged power of great music to move listeners' emotions, depending on the will of the person performing," said Zak Ozmo, of the University of Hull's Early Music Ensemble.

Hull Daily Mail

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