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Music the artform and artists

Highlife : Le cœur et l’âme de la musique populaire du Ghana

De ses débuts en tant que musique pour les élites urbaines à son apogée comme l’hymne du mouvement de libération au Ghana, la musique highlife est restée le socle de la culture populaire ouest-africaine.

This is Africa

1er Forum Africain de la Musique

Organisé par le Conseil Africain de la musique et en collaboration avec Arterial Network, le Forum africain de la musique réunira des professionnels de l'industrie pour discuter des principaux problèmes rencontrés par l'industrie de la musique à travers le continent.

Music in Africa

The cosmic sound of Cape Verde in 1980s

A long title for a compilation with a fascinating story.

World Music Central

Tracing The People's Republic Of Beethoven

Imagine you're a teenager in Beijing in the 1960s and '70s, during the Cultural Revolution. Everything that's deemed Western and bourgeois is banned — so listening to a 78 rpm recording of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, powerfully transformative as it might be, is off limits.


On the Genius of Juan Gabriel, the Musical Architect of Modern Mexico

He was a Latin American icon, at one time the highest-paid Spanish-language singer on Earth, a highly prolific artist who composed over 1,800 songs, put out 35 albums, and had his work performed by more than 800 artists in virtually all of the world’s languages.


What Really Is 'African Music'?

The debate has been raging for a while now, with legendary African artistes accusing their youthful peers of "blindly copying the West" in their craft. Many others have accused contemporary artistes of not being "African enough" by not sticking with an African sound.

All Africa

Make Your Own Latin Music Scene

What do you do when established record companies won't even listen to your work? For starters, you have to seek and establish alternative ways to reach listeners.


The lost geniuses of library music

They were asked to provide jingles for adverts and schools TV - instead they invented a new world of sound. Jude Rogers on electronic music's secret pioneers.

The Guardian

You Are What You Hear

Music be the food of love, spirit, patriotism, and dozens of other isms, all hungry for the mysterious sustenance that musical vibrations provide.

Folkways Magazine

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