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Music the artform and artists

Soul Survivor

Late on a winter night, Aretha Franklin sat in the dressing room of Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, in Ontario. She did not wear the expression of someone who has just brought boundless joy to a few thousand souls.

The New Yorker

Jazz’s Takeover of Hallowed Museum Spaces

In the 1980s and 1990s, one of the big conversations around improvised music in New York was the institutionalization of it, particularly with regard to Jazz at Lincoln Center, which did it in the classical-music way: it defined what “jazz” meant, created a house ensemble and repertory, amassed a subscriber base, and put jazz in luxe theater spaces instead of clubs.

The New York Times

Du yodel au Black Metal : des différents usages de la voix

Un aperçu des voix pop, rock, soul, de leurs couleurs et de leurs emplois, loin des habitudes et des critères de la « belle voix » lyrique occidentale.

France Musique

Pop, rock, rap, whatever: who killed the music genre?

Skrillex produces Bieber, Rihanna covers Tame Impala, and the genre-bending 1975 top the charts. The people making and consuming music are more stylistically promiscuous than ever. How did we get here?

The Guardian

Why Beethoven rules supreme over Mozart

So it’s official. Ludwig van Beethoven is now the UK’s favourite classical composer, according to Classic FM. For the first time, he has more pieces than Wolfgang Mozart (19 against 16) in the Top 100 Hall of Fame, which is compiled from a public vote. Some will say – about time too.

The Telegraph

Freeing the pipe organ from the usual grind

“Composers are afraid of it; it’s really complex, and each instrument is so different. when you go to play a concert, you can’t just go the night before or day of, like a singer or a pianist. And most conductors haven’t been trained to deal with it regularly; it’s different and strange, almost like bringing in another orchestra.”

The Washington Post

Hip-hop in Cameroon

Contrary to other popular musical genres in Cameroon like Bikutsi, Makossa, Soukous and Bend-skin, which are celebratory in nature and chronicle relationships, sex and society, hip-hop as a subculture, whether in Africa or elsewhere, has typically been about resistance.

Music in Africa

Pursuing diversity: new voices, new sounds

Conversations about diversity are happening everywhere these days. The changing face of America is increasingly bringing what used to be a dodged or back-burnered dialogue to the forefront of the national debate.

New Music Box

The 10 Best George Martin-Produced Albums

George Martin passed away last week at the age of 90. His career was a lengthy one, but his legacy lies primarily in his work with the Beatles as one of the biggest influence's on how the iconic band molded their sound over the course of the Sixties.

Rolling Stones

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