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Radio: How Formats Shaped, Splintered And Remade Pop Music

Music critics these days love to argue about "rockism," the unexamined prejudices we bring to our musical judgements, and "poptimism," an effort to celebrate commercial stuff that some think goes way too far.


You Are Guaranteed to Die During This Performance

Walk into centuries-old St. Burchardi church in Halberstadt, Germany, and you'll hear an organ playing. The performance comes with a guarantee: You'll be dead before it's over.


Mongolie: l’art de la diphonie

En Mongolie, la conception du son renvoie inévitablement à une conception du monde qui est double, duelle, diphonique...

France Musique

In A Few Fateful Years, One Record Label Blew Open The Blues

The story of Paramount Records is a story of contradictions.


How Santería Seeped Into Latin Music

If you wanted to put it in extremely simple terms, you could call Santería a mashup of mythology from west and central Africa and Christianity.


India: Music routes to the spiritual

Hundreds had gathered at the Vasantapura Temple – musicians, students of music, connoisseurs – to pay their respects to one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music tradition, Tyagaraja.

The Hindu

Ice and fire: the classical music scene in Iceland

Iceland's composers and musicians are busy breaking down the barriers between classical and popular genres.

The Guardian

Django Reinhardt: vers le bebop

« Le génie n'a pas à se justifier: il est ! » déclarait le contrebassiste Louis Vola.

France Musique

Sibelius’ 150th anniversary celebrations

Finnish national broadcast company (YLE) has a special website dedicated for the life and works of Sibelius and Finland's largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has just released a beautiful iPad publication that features insightful articles and videos and concert recordings of Sibelius. And this is just the beginning.

Music Finland

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