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Music the artform and artists

Who's more passionate about the sound of music: Audiophiles or musicians?

It's not just finicky audiophiles who obsess about sound. I know a lot of musicians who crave great-sounding instruments.


Pop Music and the Demise of Genre

Musical genre is an elusive concept. Pop, punk, rock, hip-hop, grime, ska, R&B, garage, dance, new-wave, metal, funk, disco, reggae—if such a list isn’t exhaustive enough, precede any one of these epithets with ‘post’, ‘alternative’, or ‘neo’ and the very concept of genre begins to resemble something more akin to Borges’s “The Library of Babel” than it does a necessary means of classification.

Pop Matters

These two girls will save the future of Sound Art with a web radio called Radio Papesse

Created 10 years ago by the brainchild of Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenz, Radio Papesse is a platform devoted to sound art, which worked with artists, musicians, producers and Djs in order to create one of the most interesting and open online audio archives dedicated to contemporary arts.

Sound Design

Montreux Jazz Festival celebrates 50th edition

"It's a beautiful thing, 50 years .... It was just a village when I came here. I was a little boy then," the 78-year-old Lloyd from Memphis, Tennessee, quipped at the end of the nearly 90-minute set during which he played tenor sax and the flute.


Hip-hop made in Bénin, état des lieux

La culture hip-hop fait son apparition au début des années 90 au travers de la danse comme dans plusieurs pays d’Afrique francophone.

Music in Africa

Max Martin and Cecilia Bartoli honoured with 25th Polar Music Prize

Max Martin, the Grammy Award winning hit-making maestro, and Cecilia Bartoli, internationally renowned mezzo-soprano, have been honoured today with the 25th Polar Music Prize, the world’s most prestigious award for music.

Polar Music Prize

1200 Years of Women Composers: A Free 78-Hour Music Playlist

Those of us who listen to a great deal of classical music might feel a tad sheepish about how much more heavily male our playlists slant, at least in terms of the composers.

Open Culture

Throat Singing

For those who think the human voice can produce only one note at a time, the resonant harmonies of throat-singing are surprising.

Smithsonian Folkways

How a boy from the Sri Lankan jungle formed the greatest punk band you’ve never heard

The early 1980s was an incredibly fertile time for underground music in San Francisco. The scene was centred on a troop of interconnected bands playing at alternative spaces to small but devoted audiences – an antithesis to the stadium status achieved by the local rock acts of the ‘60s and ‘70s.


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