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Music the artform and artists

Opera's new voices: 10 composers making overtures to greatness

The Opera Guide – just updated in a new digital edition – features the world’s 100 most performed composers. With almost 20% of that number still writing today, its editor picks ten living composers who’re new to the guide.

The Guardian

What’s in a Song?

The songwriting process is cloaked in mystique, leaving music fans wondering who’s really behind our favorites.


Le free jazz, une musique d'intellos?

S'infiltrant dans nos films, nos séries, nos albums de rap et d'électro, le free jazz est de retour sur le devant de la scène.

Le Vif

The chamber orchestra: why small is beautiful

Mozart, Brahms and Schumann all worked with, and wrote for, chamber orchestras, whose compact size is a huge advantage to composers and audiences alike. Why do we neglect them today?

The Guardian

The laureates of the Polar Music Prize 2016 are...

The Polar Music Prize awards two Laureates in order to celebrate music in all its various forms and to emphasize the original intention of the Polar Music Prize: to break down musical boundaries by bringing together people from all the different worlds of music.


Why Isn’t Jazz Popular?

There’s something for everybody in jazz. It’s the most open-minded sound on the planet, no matter what the Jazz Police say.


Only two of last year’s biggest hits were written without outside help. Guess who?

Nope, for once, it’s not Adele. Some will see this as evidence of a masterclass in A&R. Others will see it as a sad indictment of the over-manufactured world of modern pop.

Music Business Worldwide

David Bowie Planned a 'Long List' of Music to Release

David Bowie created a legacy of 26 studio albums and golden years of memories, but there could be more to come. The legendary British artist has reportedly left a treasure trove of new music that will be released in stages from next year.


From Berlin's warehouses to London's estates: how cities shape music scenes

Cities don’t get a songwriting credit or a royalty cheque. But from grunge in Seattle’s garages to hip-hop in New York’s community centres, urban design has profoundly influenced musical genres across the world.

The Guardian

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