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Music the artform and artists

IRCCreate: Matej Bonin’s world premiere

One year after his first visit, Matej Bonin, selected composer at the IRC 2015 in the Under-30 category, will be back in Piteå this week to assist the NEO Ensemble in the last rehearsals before the world premiere of the work he has composed in the framework of IRCCreate.


15 Asia-Pacific Artists You Should Be Listening To

Korean pop and Japanese pop music have been creeping into the Western music industry for quite some time now.

Chart Attack

Chuck Berry Performs at 1958 Newport Jazz Festival

The most stunning moment of the film is Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen." He begins his performance relatively reserved, playing a plodding version of the single with the house band. But soon, he loosens up, swinging his hips, hoisting his Gibson guitar up, duck-walking across the stage over a clarinet solo.

Rolling Stone

Time for changes

The concert-going experience is the same as it was over a century ago – it’s time to make some changes.

Arts Professional

Historical female composers: a specialist's guide

As an industry we spend a lot of time talking about female composers of the past – about the difficulties they faced, the problem they represent, the challenging lives they led and the societal norms that account for their marginal place in the classical canon – but far less time actually listening to their music.


Les musiques sacrées au Sénégal

Dans un pays où la religion occupe une place trés importante, le chant religieux ainsi que la musique d’inspiration religieuse ont une place importante dans la vie sénégalaise. Mais comment sonnent-ils ?

Music in Africa

Traditional music in Ghana

Since the colonial era, Christian churches have been purveyors of European culture which preaches against African cultural practices and poses a popular inimical treatment to traditional music while promoting western cultural values and usages.

Music in Africa

Was the First Song a Lullaby?

Two Harvard University researchers put forward an intriguing hypothesis.

PS Mag

The night when straight white males tried to kill disco

‘This wouldn’t have happened if they had country and western night.’


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