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Music the artform and artists

How Brahms’s ‘A German Requiem’ Became an Anthem for Our Time

“A German Requiem,” it appears, has become something of an anthem for our time, with grand social and political reverberations.

The New York Times

Why we should celebrate Bessie Smith and the women who created pop music

You didn't need to lean in to hear Bessie Smith sing. Her rich voice, trained to project to and reach audiences on the live circuit, filled rooms and rang out from radio and record.


Rare 15th-century songbook discovered

A rare music manuscript was presented on Monday 24 April at Huis van de Polyfonie in Heverlee. The songbook, which was named the ‘Leuven Chansonnier’, was discovered in 2014 at a sale by a Brussels auction house.

Flanders Arts Institute

Those Timeless Tunes of the 1940s, ’60s, and ’80s

New research suggests the top pop hits of those even-numbered decades haven’t lost their appeal.

PS Mag

Opera wants more realistic portrayals. But in casting, it’s all about the voice.

These days, the opera field itself is effectively sabotaging the argument that voice type comes first.

The Washington Post

History of Muzak: Where Did All The Elevator Music Go?

Of Muzak, Professor Gary Gumpert of Queens College, in a 1990 interview for Britain’s Channel 4, said: “[it’s] a kind of amniotic fluid that surrounds us; and it never startles us, it is never too loud, it is never too silent; it’s always there.”


Alan Lomax Recordings Are Digitized in a New Online Collection

Alan Lomax made it his lifelong mission to archive and share traditional music from around the world. He spent decades in the field, recording heralded artists like Muddy Waters and Woody Guthrie, as well as far more obscure musicians, from the British Isles to Haiti.

The New York Times

La musique live au Gabon

Bien que le « playback » (technique qui consiste à jouer de la musique sans que la voix ou l’instrument soit capté par le micro), révélé dans les années 90 avec l’arrivée du hip hop, soit aujourd’hui très en vogue, le live est bien existant chez nous et ce, depuis les années 60.

Music in Africa

Ogene: How an Igbo genre broke into mainstream Nigerian music

As an instrument, ogene is forged by blacksmiths who can still be found in Awka. It is the most important of an array of Igbo musical instruments including the ekwe, igba, oja, udu and ichaka.

Music in Africa

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