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Music the artform and artists

Free improvisation: still the ultimate in underground music?

Pioneered in the 1950s by musicians breaking the rules of jazz and composition, free improvisation is still as difficult – and potentially transcendent – as it ever was.

The Guardian

Egypt: Hasaballah, the People's Music

How a legendary Cairo brass band gave birth to an entire musical genre, which still resonates with Egyptians today.

Al Jazeera

Studio Caroline: The Parisian Laboratory of African Pop

Paris in the ’80s was arguably one of the largest global hubs for African music, playing host to musicians from across the African diaspora and generating an enormous volume of releases that few other cities could rival at the time.

Red Bull Music Academy

Five Ways To Listen To The Music Of The Ancient World Today

We are often immersed in what the ancient world looked like when we visit a museum or an archaeological site. However, the vibrant soundscapes heard at festivals, funerals, courtly feasts, theatrical performances, gladiatorial shows or just while shopping in the ancient world are important to reconstructing the past.


Steve Reich: «en cours avec Berio le jour, j’écoutais Coltrane la nuit»

Dans la musique de Steve Reich, tout se transforme et le pigeon californien devient un percussionniste de musique concrète.


Rough, smooth or deep: why the sound of a voice is multisensory

To make sense of human voices, we rely on senses beyond hearing. The songs of Taylor Swift can be sweet and soft. Lady Gaga’s singing feels dark. Johnny Cash’s voice was low and rough.


'The status quo will be obliterated!' – the inventors making their own musical instruments

Hundreds of people are beavering away, hoping to create their own game-changing instrument – but most won’t sell a single one. Will any change the future of music?

The Guardian

Uganda: What Can Ugandan Music Tap From Congolese Music Journey?

In spite of an attempt to create an East African music identity, almost all pop-culture music and dances from East Africa still retain a lot of strokes and moves from Congo.

All Africa

China: The new trend of village festivals

Lanting Royal Music Festival is exceptional, but not alone. It is one of the few examples of village festivals where the mission of a musical founder is met with the passion of a real estate developer.


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