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The beauty of Arab music is the beauty of Arab culture

While music from this era, known as the “Golden Age” of Arabic music, is no longer topping the charts obviously, it is still very much loved, relevant, and extremely popular even today.


Remembering Central Avenue, L.A.’s jazz oasis

‘Central was like a river. A mighty river like the Amazon or the Nile, or in this case the Congo. And all the streets were tributaries that branched off from this great river.’

Los Angeles Times

6 Asian beatboxers you need to know

Beatboxing is an art form that started when people began imitating the Roland TR808 drum machine, colloquially known as a “beat box”, using only their mouths.


De Bach à la techno, quand la musique tourne en boucles

Superpositions, variations, répétitions parviennent à produire une sensation d’infini, des chefs-d’œuvre du compositeur baroque aux séquences minimalistes de la musique électronique.

Sciences et Avenir

Un prodigio llamado Ella Fitzgerald

Reticente a hablar de sí misma, Ella fue un misterio en vida y lo siguió siendo tras su muerte en 1996.

El País

'She exists out of time': Umm Kulthum, Arab music's eternal star

With a voice adored by Bob Dylan, Robert Plant and millions across the Arab world, Umm Kulthum rejected gender norms with her powerful, political music. But can her 90-minute songs work in a new stage musical?

The Guardian

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Mozart

We asked Mark Hamill, Condoleezza Rice, Mitsuko Uchida and others to pick the music that moves them. Listen to their choices.

The New York Times

Perceptions of Musical Octaves Are Learned, Not Wired in the Brain

Singing experiments with residents of the Bolivian rainforest demonstrate how biology and experience shape the way we hear music.

Quanta Magazine

Riachão, cent ans (ou presque) de samba

Un performer, qui arborait costume, casquette et mocassins blancs, chemise rouge, des bagues à chaque doigt, un chapelet de colliers et une serviette éponge autour du cou, référence à la capoeira oblige, sur scène comme à la ville.

Pan African Music

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