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Music the artform and artists

Why it's time to end our Cold War view of Soviet music

Composers who were loyal to the Soviet regime should be listened to sympathetically.

The New York Times

A Moment for Stockhausen

There are certain composers whose music we can recognize and identify immediately.


A Brief History of Soviet Rock and Roll

Was the subculture's birth a CIA plot, as one Russian legislator recently claimed, or a genuine musical phenomenon?

The Atlantic

Latin America: reviving songs that brought down dictators

"You can't have a revolution without songs."


Namibia: The Gospel Music According to Risto Mushongo

The subject of what constitute or defines gospel music is one that attracts a lot of debate, with many defining gospel music in their own terms, both as a concept, including as only applying to humans who practice the Christianity faith.

All Africa

Dans la musique sénégalaise, on privilégie le bruit

L'artiste Idrissa Diop a fait le tour du monde avec son patchwork musical qui fait fusionner à merveille jazz, rock, funk, blues et rythmes afro-cubains pendant 28 ans.


Histoire de... l'opéra slave: un aperçu historique

Que connaît-on vraiment sur les opéras slaves? Pas grand-chose, probablement.

France Musique

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings gives new life to the UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World

The UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World, a pioneering effort for more than five decades to make the world's musical heritage more widely known and appreciated, takes on new life with the release by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings of more than 100 albums spanning more than 70 nations on every continent.


'Opera can make us see, feel and hear the world differently'

We asked the artistic directors of each of the UK's seven main opera houses to tell us why opera is important today, to choose their favourite opera and suggest the best for beginners to see.

The Guardian

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