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Home taping didn’t kill the music industry, but it did change it forever

The cassette tape was introduced to the music-buying public 50 years ago last week.


Breaking Into The Music Business Today

Whether you love making music, or love listening to it, there are now more ways than ever to break into the music business.


Is Timid Programming Classical Music's Biggest Threat?

When times are tough, a lot of arts groups go for the sure thing. For orchestras, that means a Beethoven symphony cycle over Schoenberg or Cage.


The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit

The recording industry has welcomed the launch today by the City of London Police of a new unit dedicated to tackling intellectual property crime, with a special focus on offences committed online.


7 Music Marketing Truths ALL Musicians Should Know

Ever wondered why some super talented musicians don't get the fanbase and recognition they 'deserve', while other not as talented musicians get a lot more exposure and seen in all the right places?

Music Think Tank

Google releases ‘How Google Fights Piracy’ report

Under continued pressure from movie and music rightsholders about its cooperation with anti-piracy efforts, Google has published a report setting out its defence.


Web Helps Musicians Sell Shares of Royalties

As a songwriter and producer for stars like Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, Preston Glass receives a comfortable stream of music royalties.

The New York Times

Spotify Is Now Asking Investors for More Cash

There's a simple reason why this is happening, of course: Spotify is burning a ton of cash at an extremely aggressive and probably unsustainable rate.

Digital Music News

Nigeria's film and music industry falls foul of censors

Nigeria's burgeoning pop music industry and film-makers have been accused of producing "pornographic" content that is sexualising society.

The Guardian

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