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Music education

Au Royaume-Uni, au moins une heure hebdomadaire de musique obligatoire pour tous les scolaires

Le 25 juin dernier, le Département de l'Education britannique a rendu publique la nouvelle version de son Plan national pour l'éducation musicale, qui préconise une heure d'éducation musicale obligatoire et de qualité par semaine pour tous les scolaires, de 5 à 14 ans.

France Musique

Why Pakistan needs music education

Music plays a pivotal role as a catalyst for emotional and personal development. The pleasure of playing and listening to music is not a selective gift of privilege but a basic human desire capable of inspiring excellence and uniting an international community.

The Express Tribune

Covid Stopped the Music. Now This School Is Striking Up the Band Again

The pandemic interrupted music instruction for many elementary schoolers at a critical moment — in the years when their brains are just starting to make “sound to meaning” connections.

The New York Times

Ever dream of jamming with Metallica?

Metallica have partnered with music education company Yousician to create a new course taught by James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett.


Des orchestres scolaires pour lier musique et engagement citoyen

La musique a un potentiel extrêmement important pour aider à la communication, à la coexistence positive et à la compréhension interculturelle. On peut en tirer de grands bénéfices dans les cours de musique en primaire.

The Conversation

Radiografía de la enseñanza de la Música en España

“Todos los niños deberían tener derecho a aprender a tocar un instrumento y a cantar en la escuela”, lo dice la Music Education Council (MEC) de Reino Unido. Pero ¿Qué panorama presenta España en la actualidad? ¿La enseñanza de la música en España está enferma?

La Terapia del Arte

"Music should become a core requirement for any group that really wants to develop its people at the highest level"

Being a musician of any level helps you develop whole brain integration, says Gerald Leonard, author of Culture is the Bass and Workplace Jazz. That means your left and right brains are both working, which helps you see the big goal as well as the details that go into getting there, he shares.


The Virtue of Irrelevance

Group mentality has invaded the world of education in ways that threaten the young.

Future Symphony Institute

Schools of rock: why music education should be mandatory for kids

Jimi Hendrix called music his religion and Friedrich Nietzsche claimed a life without music was a mistake. But the vast majority of Australian children would have zero idea about such claims, because they have no access to music education.

Financial Review

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