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Music education

Radiografía de la enseñanza de la Música en España

“Todos los niños deberían tener derecho a aprender a tocar un instrumento y a cantar en la escuela”, lo dice la Music Education Council (MEC) de Reino Unido. Pero ¿Qué panorama presenta España en la actualidad? ¿La enseñanza de la música en España está enferma?

La Terapia del Arte

"Music should become a core requirement for any group that really wants to develop its people at the highest level"

Being a musician of any level helps you develop whole brain integration, says Gerald Leonard, author of Culture is the Bass and Workplace Jazz. That means your left and right brains are both working, which helps you see the big goal as well as the details that go into getting there, he shares.


The Virtue of Irrelevance

Group mentality has invaded the world of education in ways that threaten the young.

Future Symphony Institute

Schools of rock: why music education should be mandatory for kids

Jimi Hendrix called music his religion and Friedrich Nietzsche claimed a life without music was a mistake. But the vast majority of Australian children would have zero idea about such claims, because they have no access to music education.

Financial Review

Au Pays de Galles, des cours de musique et des instruments gratuits pour tous les enfants

Instruments, cours de musique et formation des enseignants seront subventionnés par le gouvernement gallois afin que tous les élèves de 3 à 16 ans puissent pratiquer la musique, quelle que soit leur origine ou leur situation économique.

France Musique

No es lo mismo enseñar música que formar músicos

De la misma manera que no es igual enseñar matemáticas que formar a un matemático, el propósito de enseñar música en la escuela no tiene por cometido formar músicos, como ha señalado la psicóloga y educadora argentina Silvia M. Carabetta.

The Conversation

Why music education is essential for children

Did you take piano lessons as a kid? Or maybe you sang in your church’s choir. Maybe your parent played an instrument, or maybe you went to Mummy & Me music classes at your local community centre? All of these seemingly benign bonding exercises are examples of childhood music education, a vital tool in the building of a full-grown human, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance.

Far Out Magazine

What to do when you doubt your career in music

Most musicians took a hit during the pandemic, leading some to second guess their music careers. Indie musicioans Monica Strut shares tips on how to get your head back on straight, so you can get back to doing what you love.


Le Luxembourg, premier pays à introduire un enseignement musical public et gratuit pour tous les jeunes

À partir de la rentrée 2022/2023, une très grande partie des cours de musique, des arts de la parole et de danse seront gratuits dans les établissements d'enseignement musical du secteur communal.

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