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Music education

AMDP Trainings and internships in Cameroun

In the framework of the African Music Development Programme, the International Music Council in partnership with “ LE KOLATIER “ implemented from October 5th to October 8th at Yaoundé, Cameroon a training session designed for young African music professionals.


Music education in Madagascar

The musical landscape of Madagascar is as varied as the number of ethnicities, dialects and cultures that make up the country. Music-related beliefs or religions plunge the Madagascan, from childhood, into the wellspring of a natural and obvious acceptance of music.

Music in Africa

Classical music – just give children the chance to love it

You don’t need a PhD or a specific gift in order to appreciate classical music. All you need is ears, and an open mind – things every child already has.

The Guardian

Discovering the color of music

Research has continuously upheld the fact that persons with disabilities struggle with reading music, and may be excluded from musical ensembles in school because they struggle with processing music notation.

Illinois University

In The Digital Age, Young Kids Need Classical Music More Than Ever

Parents have heard about the specific benefits of classical music for developing minds and calming babies for decades -- imagine a mother playing Mozart through headphones stretched over her pregnant belly -- but the scientific debate has continued to rage.

Huffington Post

Why Is Practicing Still Considered Necessary To Music Education?

Studies have shown that practicing for hours a day has no real impact on natural-born talent.


From Ink to Sound: Decoding Musical Manuscripts

Travel through the history of musical notation, learning how to decode medieval music manuscripts, with this free online course.

Future Learn

Classroom jobs in elementary music

The students take their jobs very seriously. There are several classes where the compliment team will start whispering to each other, deciding on who and what to compliment, as we are lining up.

Organized Chaos

UK: We lack a strong enough workforce of professional 'portfolio' musicians

Musicians must excel as performers, but also as teachers, leaders and creative collaborators – and their professional development must reflect this.

The Guardian

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