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¿Qué efecto ejerce la música en la política y por qué es necesaria como estrategia?

Ocho son los segundos de tiempo promedio en que los votantes indecisos deciden su voto en un colegio electoral. La música juega un papel determinante: son segundos decisivos asociados a imágenes y emociones que la mente tratará de recordar.


How hip-hop fuelled Egypt’s rebellion

From the early days of the Tahrir Square protests, music was vital to the young people making their voices heard. And though the country is taking another authoritarian turn, that spirit of dissent cannot be extinguished.

The Guardian

Government to hold talks with private radio stations to boost Maltese music

The government is to have talks with private radio stations in a bid to include more Maltese music in their programming, Culture Minister Owen Bonnici said.

Times Malta

How Deezer’s AI is Safeguarding Musicians’ Intellectual Property Rights

Deezer, the popular music streaming platform, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to expand its services beyond playlist curation.

We Rave You

Le disque politique en France

Les disques, qu’ils donnent à entendre de la musique ou des voix parlées, n’ont pas servi qu’à se distraire ou à se cultiver. Ils ont aussi servi à faire de la propagande tout au long du XXe siècle.

France Musique

¿Por qué generan controversia los corridos tumbados?

En Mayo, autoridades locales del famoso balneario de Cancún, México, prohibieron los conciertos en vivo de corridos tumbados, y otros géneros musicales que las autoridades estiman que fomenten la violencia.


Why the music business should be watching Japan’s AI developments very closely

However, it’s clear that Japan, at least for now, is diverging from other major jurisdictions in its approach towards AI regulation – something many observers attribute to the country’s desire to be a leader in the field.

Music Business Worldwide

New York Philharmonic, Pushing Cultural Diplomacy, Plans Asia Tour

Amid rising political tensions, the orchestra said it would perform in Hong Kong and Taiwan this summer and send a delegation of musicians to mainland China.

The New York Times

The House That Black Built

Why Black ownership and infrastructure is needed to equalise the music industry.


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