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Les pouvoirs surnaturels du chant

Pythagore pensait que l'âme était sensible aux harmonies. Les nombres entiers déterminaient les rapports entre les notes de musique. C'est ainsi qu'il a fixé notre gamme en divisant une corde vibrante par deux puis par trois, puis par quatre, puis par cinq.

Radio France

Gustavo Cerati: obras completas

Durante tres décadas, Cerati modificó nuestra forma de entender la música pop manipulando con maestría dos planos: la arquitectura sonora y la magia

Rolling Stones

The International Music Council will hold its 40th General Assembly in the framework of Visa For Music

The International Music Council (IMC) will hold its 40th General Assembly in Rabat, Morocco, hosted by Visa For Music, on November 21-23, 2023.
IMC was founded in 1949 and as it approaches its 75th anniversary in 2024, this 40th General Assembly will be a key moment for the life of the international organisation.

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4 not-to-be-missed Arab female rappers

In a predominantly male musical landscape, these artists use their voices to shed light on social issues, promote women's rights and redefine the Arab rap landscape.

Kawa News

The Rise and Fall of Smooth Jazz

“I hate ‘classical music,’ ” Alex Ross once wrote in this magazine—“not the thing but the name.” I could say the same about “smooth jazz,” which I’ve always considered primarily a marketing term, the label not of a musical genre but of a commercial radio format.

The New Yorker

Tracy Chapman makes history as ‘Fast Car’ tops country charts with Luke Combs’ cover

Tracy Chapman has made history as the first Black woman with a sole songwriting credit on a No. 1 country hit after Luke Combs’ cover of “Fast Car” topped Billboard charts.

Los Angeles Times

Nigeria, Ghana: le berceau de la musique classique africaine

C’est dans les chorales du Nigeria et du Ghana que la musique classique africaine voit le jour. Au début du XXe siècle, un mouvement de christianisation touche ces deux pays, à l’époque colonies britanniques. Dans les églises de Lagos et d’Accra, seule la musique sacrée venue d’Europe résonne durant les premières années de la colonisation.


A 40 años de 'Synchronicity' de The Police

Cuando existe talento innato, éste fluye sin importar las circunstancias, desborda aún en escenarios adversos e irradia como si de una pieza de oro en medio de una pila de carbón se tratara.

Indie Rocks!

Revel in the cultural and musical diversity of Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands, the archipelago state of Indonesia boasts incredible cultural and linguistic diversity. From well-known island including Java and Bali to remote volcanic peaks, the country is home more than 1,300 distinct ethnic groups speaking over 700 different languages and dialects.


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