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Why status anxiety should make musicians anxious

There has been a lot of attention paid, lately, to mental health within the music industry. A University of Westminster study(link is external), which surveyed “2 000 music makers, from ... Mercury Prize nominees to artists performing at local venues” found that “musicians are three times more likely to experience anxiety or depression than the general public” – with more than 70% of respondents reporting “high rates of anxiety.”

Music in Africa

Une seule solution, la modulation

On n'a pas conservé d'enregistrement sonore d'homo sapiens mais on a retrouvé ses instruments de musique dans la grotte de Hohle Fels en Bavière parmi lesquelles une flûte en os de vautour datée de 40 000 ans avant Jésus-Christ.

France Inter

¿Es cierto que la música calma a los gatos?

A menudo hemos escuchado que la música tranquiliza a los gatos. Hay quien afirma que es exclusivamente la música clásica la que consigue ese efecto en los mininos. Sin embargo, ¿es esto así? ¿Se trata de una falsa creencia urbana? ¿Les gustará el heavy metal o el pop?


Why are fans throwing things on stage?

It feels like there's a video of a different - and weirder - object being chucked at an artist blowing up on social media every weekend.


Great Ideas to Generate Corporate Revenue for Classical Music

All of the ideas below have helped to broaden interest in classical music, ensure the station’s relevancy in the local market, and generate corporate revenue as a result.

Greater Public

Les animaux de compagnie aiment autant la musique que nous

Humains et animaux ont de nombreux points communs, y compris leur attrait commun pour la musique. Les chiens, les chats et les autres bébêtes domestiques apprécient, eux aussi, le quatrième art. De quoi créer un nouveau marché prometteur dans le domaine du "pet business".

La Dépêche

¿Sufres de ansiedad o depresión? Escucha música en 3D

¿Sabías que la música llamada “binaural” o 3D puede ser un gran aliado para contrarrestar la ansiedad y la depresión? Pues entérate, está disponible en YouTube.

El Salvador

The Costly Allure of the Showstopper Concert Hall

Venues for orchestral performance often boast thrilling designs and troubled development processes. Here’s why these spaces can be so difficult — and rewarding — to create.


The Mystery of the Blue Whale Songs

Earth’s largest animals are singing in ever-lower tones, and nobody knows why.


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