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Groupies Deserve More Credit

Superfans contribute just as much to culture as the male musicians they love. Why haven’t they had the shine they deserve?

The Walrus

People who listen to music while studying have higher GPA

If picking a playlist was your first step when studying, you’re more likely to have had a high GPA. A survey of 2,000 Americans looked at the tie between music and study habits and found those who play music were likelier to have a GPA above 3.2 than those studying in silence (84% vs. 78%).

Study Finds

Le concert de rap, elle l’interprète en langue des signes

Élodia Mottot est “chansigneuse”. Elle traduit l’énergie, le rythme et l’argot du rap pour les malentendants.


Disminuye la ansiedad y cambia el estado de ánimo: así influye la música en la calidad de vida

Un estudio reveló que diversos ritmos benefician el bienestar. Además, pueden colaborar en los tratamientos de ciertas enfermedades.


Shushed at the symphony: Is it time to clap back at no-clapping rules?

The orchestra’s formal dress, the way it tunes. How the conductor bows, and all that walking on and off the stage.

The Boston Globe

Famous Music Artists Without Education: Is It Worth Years Of Studying?

In today’s job market, there are many professions where you can excel without any education, and music is one of them. It makes sense when you consider that humans have been producing music even before we had schools.

The Space Lab

Si vous avez des frissons en écoutant de la musique, votre cerveau est peut-être différent

Selon le scientifique, il y aurait des différences structurelles dans le cerveau entre ces personnes : ceux qui étaient plus sensibles auraient un volume plus important de fibres reliant le cortex auditif aux zones associées au traitement des émotions.


Artistas que han sido abiertos en cuanto a sus problemas de salud mental

Algunas personalidades de la industria de la música que han ayudado a crear conciencia sobre la actual crisis de salud mental, hablando sobre sus propias luchas internas.

Rolling Stone

Instrumental change: Dealing with music’s growing garbage pile

Unwanted musical instruments aren’t the biggest waste disposal problem facing the world, but they’re an issue worth making a noise about.

Arts Hub

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