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Famous Queen track rocks insulin cells into action

There's no doubt that a lot of people would say, perhaps a little hyperbolically, that rock and roll saved their lives. Now, new research has shown that the music just might be able to serve as a literal life saver for diabetics.

New Atlas

Bad behaviour at concerts is becoming normalised

From throwing a wheel of brie at Pink to shouting at performers, fans are becoming more disrespectful.

The Guardian

Connaissez-vous l’origine du nom des notes de musique?

«Do ré mi fa sol la si do.» C’est encore plus frappant par écrit: ces drôles de petits mots ne semblent vouloir rien dire. Ces onomatopées, que l’on s’amuse à chantonner enfant, désignent les sept notes dont est composée la musique depuis le Moyen Age.

Le Figaro

El heavy metal produce mejor respuesta cerebral que la música clásica en pacientes sedados

Investigadores del Hospital Universitario de La Princesa, en Madrid, han analizado la actividad cerebral en seis personas ingresadas en la UCI expuestas a estímulos musicales bajo los efectos de la sedoanalgesia. Los resultados muestran que la estimulación cerebral con música heavy metal fue mayor que con la clásica o dodecafónica.


Summer music festivals do more than entertain, they help us imagine possible futures

Music festival season is finally here. And after multiple summers without large in-person gatherings and reduced capacities, many people are returning to their favourite music festivals to have a good time.

The Conversation

An Interview With the Guy Who Was @Music on Twitter Until Elon Musk’s X Took the Username Away

Obviously, Twitter/X is well within its rights to do this, considering every post on the site officially belongs to the company. Still, it’s come across as a sad, desperate insult to some of platform’s most loyal users, whose early adoption of those accounts allowed them to build up much-loved personal brands and communities—and who now have no idea what to do next. Case in point: @Music.


Que savoir avant un premier concert de musique classique ?

Le monde de la musique classique est si particulier qu’il peut être difficile de savoir par où commencer quand on veut le découvrir. Dans “The Conversation”, un professeur de musique australien propose ses conseils.

Courier International

¿Por qué solemos dejar de escuchar música nueva al hacernos mayores?

Es un punto ampliamente comentado entre todos aquellos que estamos acercándonos a la mediana edad: con el paso de los años, muchos son los que ya no sienten ni las ganas, ni tampoco el «empuje», para mantenerse al pie del cañón en términos de actualidad musical.


Have You Ever Wondered Where Spa Music Comes From?

One of the more reliable relaxation-enhancing elements of spa music is “melodic chord progressions in an ambient flow without dissonance or tension,” according to Steve Gordon. Excuse me? “The way the chords resolve in a predictable way also provides a sense of trust, so you can let go into relaxation.”


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