Music education

Peut-on apprendre à jouer de la musique uniquement sur internet?

Beaucoup d'entre nous avons déjà essayé d'imiter les plus grandes rockstars sur Guitar Hero, ou encore de jouer les virtuoses sur un smartphone avec Piano Tiles.


Nuestro sistema musical no comienza afuera

En estos 32 años, más de un millón de niñas y niños han pasado por Batuta.

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Pay to Sing

Do expensive private courses like the Berlin Opera Academy really benefit young artists?


After a stroke, I decided to learn piano. It felt like falling in love

Some people believe students can only learn music well when they're young. Financial problems meant I never had that chance as a child.


Why Electric Drums Are The Perfect Way To Get Started With Drumming

Have you always been passionate about music, but don’t have the funds or space for a professional drum set? If so, electric drums may be your perfect solution.

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Les bienfaits d’un orchestre à l’école

Créer un orchestre à l’école, c’est créer des liens plus forts dans la classe, entre les élèves, les familles et les professeur·e·s. Chez les enfants, 90 % des professeur(e)s remarquent une amélioration du comportement et des relations au sein de la classe qui accueille un orchestre.


La metodología de la educación musical en México ha fracasado

En México la educación musical, abundó, no tiene que ver con maestros buenos o malos, o con alumnos buenos y malos, sino con metodologías y estímulos, sino con el advenimiento de orquestas como la Chávez y el advenimiento de alumnos que se enfrentan a una sociedad con marcadas desigualdades sociales y deben sostenerse económicamente.

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The Power Of Music Education: How Playing Guitar Can Improve Learning And Memory

Apart from that, playing the guitar has a plethora of other advantages. It includes boosting fine motor skills and expanding focus and attention levels. It also sharpens confidence.

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The Importance Of Music Education For Young Musicians

There are numerous reasons why you should consider investing in your child’s music education, whether they are just starting out or have showed a significant interest in music.

The Music Essentials

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