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A beginner’s guide to identifying a Stradivarius

When you look at an instrument for the first time, there is a sort of mental checklist, unconscious or deliberate, that usually starts with ‘How old is it?’ It can be astonishing to hear someone state with conviction that an instrument was made ‘between 1760 and 1780’, say.

The Strad

Thai and Vietnamese pop music is surging across Asia

Thai and Vietnamese pop music – T-pop and V-pop – once mostly kept to their nations’ shores. Today, both countries’ artists are making waves in Asia and beyond.

South China Morning Post

Top SA house songs of 2021

Despite the dominance of amapiano, South African house music remains popular in the country, with top artists like Black Coffee, Master KG, Prince Kaybee and Themba pushing the dance genre forward.

Music in Africa

L’afrobeat, une pulsation nigériane devenue planétaire

Si la musique est l’arme du futur, selon Fela, alors celle inventée par le chanteur nigérian au début des années 1970 a la puissance de feu d’une arme automatique. Symbole d’une lutte frontale contre les injustices et pour les droits, l’afrobeat n’a pas seulement séduit les populations d’Afrique, il est aussi devenu un genre pratiqué sur tous les continents.


20 grandes discos de pop y rock que cumplen 40 años

Con el final de las bandas de los sesenta y setenta llegó la diversidad: irrumpieron los sintetizadores, el ‘heavy metal’, los nuevos románticos y el punk se aceleró más. Bienvenidos a 1981.

El País

Genre Is Disappearing. What Comes Next?

As record stores close and streaming algorithms dominate, the identities that music fandom supplies are in flux.

The New Yorker

New museum traces history of Black music across genres

A new museum two decades in the making is telling the interconnected story of Black musical genres through the lens of American history.

AP News

Highlife Music Deconstructed: Exploring Ghana’s iconic sound

The series has discussed topics such as Ghana’s traditional folkloric sounds, the influence of palmwine music, the impact of American big band jazz on Ghana’s highlife dance bands, the explosion of Afro-funk/Afro-soul and Afrobeat, and the evolution of borga highlife.

Music in Africa

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