Fundación Encuentros Internacionales de Música Contemporánea (1968-2018)

“TOWARD THE 50th ANNIVERSARY” (1968-2018)

This year we celebrate 50 years of the Fundación Encuentros , argentine music institution devoted to the contemporary music, that was created in 1968 by the argentinean composer and conductor Alicia Terzian, who did it with the interest of projecting the argentine contemporary musical reality in the world through the International Music Council (NGO official partner of UNESCO).

She was an active member of the IMC, then Vice President and finally elected as MEMBER OF HONOR in the Ordinary General Assembly of the IMC held in 2003 with the participation of more than 100 countries of the 5 continents which we offered, with free admission, a great number of concerts, seminars, International meetings, composition contests of composition and piano, radio auditions.

The Encuentros Foundation celebrate 50 years approaching the most prestigious contemporary music composers and interpreters from all over the world as well as from our own country to the argentinean public since we project our actions to many argentine provinces.

We also celebrate 40th years of the 1st. International tournée of the Grupo Encuentros that she conduct and which is integrated ,now,by the most outstanding argentinean musicians.

Throught these 50th years and thank to the Alicia Terzian action during all this time, the Encuentros Foundation realized:

750 concerts in Argentina introducing over 260 artists among the most renowned soloists, chamber ensembles, choir and orchestra conductors , musicologist from the world and our country.

235 free admisión Seminars.

More of 340 works by argentinean composers were awarded and presented before international forums, tribunes and festivals of the ISCM.

The Grupo Encuentros under the conducting of Alicia Terzian offered 320 concerts in 27 international tournées playing in the most important festivals and theatres of the 5 continents and continue.

The Fundation Encuentros, thanks to the immense task carried out by Alicia Terzian organize integrating the Argentine Musical Council and inviting o participate the most renowned musiciens from the american continent from Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico,Costa Rica and Bolivia.

Actively participation with the CAMU in the Pan American Forum of Music ,including France, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, Bolivia, Panamá, Honduras, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

FIRST Forum about the ‘National identity of music of oral tradition, the creation and musical education’,coorganized with the CAMU and with the presence of musicians from the Toba, Guaraní, Calchaquí, Huarpes indigenous communities from Argentina as well as from Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico and Uruguay.


The Fundacion Encuentros Internacionales de Musica Contemporánea start the activities in 1968 under the Artistic Direction of the argentine composer Alicia Terzian, to diffuse the argentine contemporary music as well as the latinamerican and universal composers and personalities of our time.

The Encuentros Foundation start their activities at the Leopoldo Lugones Hall of the ex San Martín Municipal Theatre at the middays and dedicated, during the first 3 years, diffuse the argentinean contemporary composers music .

In 1971 Terzian proposed the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires to compose an original musical work inspired on each one of the plastic artists participants of the exhibition organized by the Lorenzutti Foundation.

The Encuentros present for the first time the show called MUSIDANZA VISION gathering plastic artists with the original music written by Alicia Terzian including the dance that would be improvised by dancer and choreographer Susana Zimmerman.

In 1980 started the International Encuentros Festivals with the participation of the most important soloists,ensembles,conductors and composers from all over the world as well as from our country.

ACTIVITIES (1968-2018)

* 750 public concerts acting, among others :Grupo Encuentros, Encuentros Quartett, Ensemble Modern, Ivar Mikhashoff,Pierre-Yves Artaud, Medea Aprahamian,Kei Koito, Gwyn Williams, Dra. Carmen Cecilia PiñeroGil, Daniel Robellaz, Conjunto Ritmus, José Luis García del Busto, Tiffany Wu, Chinese Music Virtuosi, Youth Symphony Ofrchestra of Zurich, Luis Caparra, Yejin Gil, La Passeggiata, Cuarteto Aron, Diane Andersen, Adelma Gomez, Duo Haroutunian/Descharmes, Duo Mayumi Kameda-JeanJacques Balet, Akiko Ebi, Ensemble Paul Klee, Adrian Kreda, Christopher Guzman, New Docta Ensemble, Cuarteto Bozzini, Ensemble Mondrian, La Passegiatta,Gunter Neuhold, Rosen Milanov, Winston Choi, Sodi Braide, Nino Jvania, Stefano Mazzoleni, Thuring Brahm, Bozzini Quartett,Ensemble Mondrian,Aro Quartett,Taller Sonoro, Karlheinz Miklin Trio, Cromer ,Christopher Guzman,Musica Quantica,Gwyn Williuams,Eva Aroutunian,Philippe Chanon, Aline Piboule,Françoise Thinat, Lorenzo Soules, Imri Talgam,Gwyn Williams,Marianna Abrahamyan,Philippe Hattat.

235 Seminars of performance, musicology and composition directed by , among others: H. Lanchenmann, Ivo Malec; Alessandro Sbordoni; Paul Mefano, François Bernard Mache; G. Petrassi, L. Lombardi, G. Manzoni, Peter Maxwell Davies, Jorge Sarmientos, Jorge Pixinho; Franco Oppo, Marcello Pusceddu; Yves Prin, Michael Blake, Klaus Ager, Jack Body, Benet Casablancas, Guido Baggiani, Oscar Carmona, Jose Halac, Fernando Maglia, Rafael Gintoli, Françoise Thinat, Luis Maria Serra,Ricardo Dal Farra,.

* 2.550 weekly radio auditions : Radio Provincia, Radio Nacional Clásica, Radio Municipal and Radio Cultura Musical .

*27 international tournées of the Grupo Encuentros giving 320 concerts in the most important festivals of the five continents.

* 350 argentinean composers awarded in the Argentine Tribune of Composers (TRINAC) and Tribune of Electro Acoustic Music (TRIME) in the period 1979/1980

* 70 argentine composers works submitted before the International Tribune of Composers (ITC/TIC) from 1979 till 2006.

* 149 composers submitted to the annual Festivals of the International Society of Contemporary Music (SIMC/ISCM) from 1979 and continue.

* FIM Pan Ameriacan Forum (2001) with guests from France, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, Bolivia, Panamá, Honduras, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

* ARTS films presentation that were awarded at the bi-annual Contests organized by Classifilms (Paris)

* Alberto Ginastera special prize at the International Contemporary Piano Contest in Orleans (France).

* 1st Forum of the National Identity of the music or oral tradition, the creation and the musical education (2001) with the participation of the Toba, Wichi, Chiriguano, Mapuche, Garaní, Calchaquí and Huarpeindigenous communities of Argentina as well as from Peru, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay.

* 24 Workshops concerning the Musical Education in the primary, secondary school and in the universities sponsored by the Ford Foundation of USA, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and the Rocca Foundation.

* Inter American Conference about Musical Education in Latin America with the presence of León Biriotti (Uruguay), Marlos Nobre and José Augusto Mannis (Brasil); Gabriel Matthey Correa (Chile), José Vicente Torres (Venezuela), Guido López Gavilán (Cuba), Guillermo Cáceres (El Salvador), María del Carmen Méndez Navas (Costa Rica) and Carlos Seoane Urioste (Bolivia).

* Concerts tournées of different ensembles ans soloists from abroad at the Pro Arte (Córdoba), Septiembre Musical Tucumano, Secretaria de Cultura (Salta), Teatro El Circulo (Rosario), Primavera de Música Contemporánea (Tigre).


* The argentinean, latin american and universal avantgard music creation, encouraging the commissions of works.
* Musical Education of the public and in schools
* Performance and researches of the XXth Century music
* Training of the musicians concerning the new techniques
* Inter relation of the contemporary music with other expressions of the history, culture, art , society.
* Edition of DVDs, CDs and films devoted to the contemporary music and musicians.

Encuentros Foundation,under the artistic direction of the composer Alicia Terzian is satisfied of having assumed the initiative of many other projects that enriched the musical life of country and helped it to be known and appraised in the world.

We are proud because we have achieved our goals thanks to the passion of our Artistic Director toward the argentinean musical community .

We want to thank all the important argentinean entrepreneurs, foreign institutions , Embassies ,personalities which accompanied us though all this years

Jorge Murekian Alicia Terzian Nidia Zimaro
President Artistic Director Secretary


Was founded in 1978 and conducted by the argentine composer Alicia Terzian , with the purpose of giving a strong impulse to the knowledge of the music of contemporary argentine, Latin American and universal composers in the country and abroad .

The Grupo Encuentros is the unique group in the whole Latin America and one of the few in the world that has accomplished international concerts tournées.

The Grupo Encuentros has commissioned works to the most important argentine and foreign composers and has premiered them in their annual Encuentros International Festivas in Buenos Aires as well as abroad.

Since 1979 they realized 27 international tournees giving 320 concerts in the most important festivals and radios in the 5 continents: Radio France, Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon and Paris), Lille and Orleáns Festivals, Antidogma Música of Torino, Nuova Consonanza of Rome, Royal Festival Hall of London, Merkin Hall of New York, Chamber Theatre of Stuttgart, Diorama of Radio Suisse Romande, Contemporary Music Days of Radio España, Big Hall UNESCO (París), Bossendorfer Hall of Paris, Monday Evening Concerts de Los Angeles, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Neue Musik of Radio Austria, Prague Spring Festival, Bienal of Zagreb, Midem Classique of Cannes, Radio RTB of Brussels and Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Gaudeamus Foundation of Holland, Stedelejk Museum of Amsterdam, Gomidas Hall and Great Theatre of Yerevan, Montreal, Toronto, Río de Janeiro, San Pablo, Quito, México, Santiago de Chile, Pittsburg, Syracuse, Boulder, Greeley, San José, Porto, Yverdon, Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto, Cagliari, Rotterdam, Utrecht, La Haya, Danmarks Radio, Maastricht, Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Irún, Ginebra, Bogotá, many German Radios: Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart,as well as the BBC of England, RAI Torino and Rome, URSS TV, and many cities in England, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Warsaw, South Africa, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Paul Klee Museum of Berna, Granada, Sevilla, Barcelona, Friburgo, Lausanne, Aspekte Salzburg Festival, Milano, Neue Musik Festival of Luzern, Eindhoven, Paris, La Chaux de Fonds, Fine Arts Museum of Yerevan, Musica Insieme of Bologna, Orleans, Conservatory of Music of Geneva , Estonia.

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