The diverse global membership of IMC has recently been even more enriched by the International Centre for Research and Documentation on African Traditions and Languages (CERDOTOLA).

CERDOTOLA was established in 1977 on the initiative of 10 Central African countries, with the support of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation (ACCT – today's International Organisation of La Francophonie) and UNESCO, as an intergovernmental institution that promotes cooperation in scientific research for the preservation, dissemination and enhancement of African heritage.


Established on the initiative of ten Central African countries, CERDOTOLA works for subregional cooperation in the fields of culture and human and social sciences, campaigning for the protection, safeguarding and promotion of African cultural heritage.

CERDOTOLA's main tasks are to:


– coordinate regional projects and liaise with national research institutes;


– develop cooperation between the national and regional institutions concerned;


– facilitate the performance of scientific research tasks in the field of oral traditions and the development of African languages;


– ensure appropriate staff training;


– equip national research centres with sufficient technical resources;


– provide for the hosting and exchange of researchers and their travel between countries;


– develop means of collecting, studying, preserving and disseminating oral traditions;


– encourage research into oral traditions and the development of African languages by organizing competitions and the award of prizes in order to promote healthy emulation between cultural researchers and practitioners;


– contribute to the development of endogenous cultural, economic and social models based on African civilizations.


In 2010, IMC and the African Music Council had lend their collaboration to CERDOTOLA and OCPA (Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa) for the International Symposium "Regional music market, implementation of the plan for creative industries". The sessions dealt with the music profession; piracy and the protection of music; technology; financing; festivals; competitions and music markets; and the organisation of a central African music market.


We warmly welcome CERDOTOLA in the membership category of National/ Specialised Organisations.


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