IMC honours social inclusion projects of Lebanese Choir with its Five Music Rights Award

Rabat, 11 November 2015. – The IMC Music Rights Award was once again given to a programme that supports in an exemplary way the Five Music Rights proclaimed by the International Music Council. The 2015 recipient of the 2015 Award are the SOCIAL PROJECTS of the Fayha Choir from Tripoli, Lebanon.

The programme was nominated by the European Choral Federation – Europa Cantat, a long-time member of the IMC, and selected by a panel of specialists.

The Fayha Choir is an a cappella choir, created in Lebanon by Maestro Barkev Taslakian in 2003 and bringing together 50 amateur singers from different social and religious backgrounds in a country known for its religious conflicts and political instability. Entering the choir does not require any basic knowledge of music. Participation is free and open to all, so are rehearsals which are open even to those who simply wish to listen to. The diversity of its repertoire reflects the choir’s openness to the human heritage and includes Arabic repertoire (Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Bedouin, Andalusian...) as well as French, English and Latin chants.
The Social Projects of the Fayha Choir are dedicated to inclusiveness and go beyond music; they serve as an inspiration and as an example of peaceful coexistence among young people.
With its actions in Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps, the choir offers a "safe haven", as well as access to music and music education to those who are deprived of it in their countries.
This IMC Five Music Rights Award is a symbolic and active recognition of the effort that is brought by each actor involved in the nominated programmes. With this Award, IMC encourages its members and other organisations to give active support to the Five Music Rights:

The right for all children and adults
-to express themselves musically in all freedom
-to learn musical languages and skills
-to have access to musical involvement through participation, listening, creation, and information

The right for all musical artists
-to develop their artistry and communicate through all media, with proper facilities at their disposal
- to obtain just and fair recognition and remuneration for their work

The 2015 IMC Five Music Rights Award was presented by IMC President Paul Dujardin and the IMC representative on the jury, Emily Achieng’ Akuno, during the opening ceremony of Visa for Music in Rabat, Morocco, on 11 November 2015. At the Award ceremony, the Fayha Choir was represented by its founder and director, Maestro Barkev Taslakian, and manager Roula Abou Baker. In its presentation speech, the IMC President quoted jury chair Gary Ingle: "The Fayha Choir is all that is good and honorable in music and music rights around the world."

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