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The MARS - Music And Resilience Support- project is about to conclude its first year of activity relying on a solid internal structure and partnership.

Intellectual Outputs
The results of almost one year's work are represented by the completion of four of the five Intellectual Output productions, namely the Needs Analysis Report (O1), the Specialization Profile (O2) and the Staff Training Guidelines (O3). Only O1 has already been published while the others are ready for the publication. In addition MARS website (O4), is already representing the platform for most of the communications and activities, both administrative and public, of the project.
Besides, the Evaluation Committee approved the tool which will be used to assess the quality and management process of each production.

Mobilities and meetings
The first mobility took place in London in April with the presence of 15 future teachers of the MARS course during the Staff Training Days.
London was also the location for the second Transnational Partner Meeting.

The group of students of the MARS course was formed at the end of May after a process of selection of the 40 candidates who sent their applications, going far beyond any expectations.
The online preparation to the course is running and the group is ready for the imminent mobility and the beginning of the seminar in Italy in July.

AMDP at #MTNBushfire Festival 2016

In the framework of the African Music Development Programme, the International Music Council in partnership with the MTN Bushfire (held from 27th to 29th of May) festival in Swaziland, offered two capacity building opportunities to young African professionals.
Pursuing its mission to build up a sustainable music sector in Africa, the African Music Development Programme has this year strengthened his role as one of the most important players for the promotion of professional exchanges between educational organizations and music festivals in Africa.
The MTN Bushfire festival was founded ten years ago in the spirit of cultural exploration and is now well known for its diverse and exciting musical line-up. The festival has also always been acknowledged as a holistic experience that includes arts, food, culture and family-centered activities.
Two young professionals had the opportunity to develop and expand specific skills in the field of communication and sound engineering by taking part in the AMDP internship.
James Manyaka is a young sound engineer from Zanzibar who had already worked for the Sauti Za Busara festival, while Philip Masembe comes from the communication team of the Doa Doa festival in Uganda where he has been working for the past two years.

foto piccola philip
Both of them were eager and willing to learn and expand their knowledge by getting in touch with new cultures and discovering new professional environments.

Philip worked with the Bushfire team for two months while James collaborated with the sound team for three weeks. Philips talks about his experience with us: «I’m in love with the fact that AMDP has come out to facilitate skills exchanges between artists and festival professionals in order to achieve a common goal of artistic platform development especially for African festivals [...] If AMDP stands for objectives such as to increase professional capacity throughout the sector, then there’s hope for African festival sustainability»
Right after taking part to this training Philip got a new job at the Bayimba International festival of the Arts: «I take up a new role as marketing person. [...] As an arts communicator, interning with Bushfire exposes me to a variety of aspects that need to be communicated about festivals other than just the music, and the artists performing. I realize much more relevant information that makes up festival programming».

Philip’s experience reveals that AMDP is not just developing internship programs but also plays a proactive role in the development of cultural exchange between African Countries.
Thanks to taking part to AMDP project Philip had also the chance to get in touch with Swaziland’s local communities.

As Philip told us: «Outside my communication zone, the other part I found fascinating was the urge to sustain festivals through involving private sector other than remain dependent on donor funds. Bushfire redefines a whole new ideology of making money off ticket sales, other ventures and local sponsor involvement and this is that part I would urge all African festival practitioners to focus, especially now that we are losing too many festivals after donors decide to cut funds, majorly in East Africa»

The AMDP Programme confirms that its overall objective remains focused on increasing professional capacity throughout the music sector in order to promote the role of such sector as a driver and enabler of sustainable development.

The programme was launched at the beginning of 2014 by the International Music Council, and takes place in 9 African countries with the support of numerous actors, institutions and professionals of the music sector.

This major initiative aims to support the music industry through a series of targeted actions, one of the top priorities being to increase job opportunities for actors of the sector. This project benefits from the financial contribution of the European Union and the assistance of the ACP Group of States.
AMDP is led in close cooperation with numerous partners: the African and European Music Councils, the Technical University of Kenya (TUK), Makerere University in Uganda, Hildesheim University in Germany, music festivals such as Le Kolatier in Cameroon, Feux de Brazza, Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar, and the national sections of Music Crossroads in Malawi and Mozambique. Training activities will be offered to the festival teams, and the setting up of internships for young African culture professionals within said festivals will encourage a structuring impact on the sector.

AMDP on the Web

Rostrum+: Listen, Vote, Win!

In the framework of the Rostrum+ project, the works presented at the 63rd International Rostrum of Composers will be on free streaming for two weeks. This is an unique opportunity to listen to some of the most recent contemporary creations from all over the world!

Vote for your favorite and get the chance to win a fine selection of contemporary music works!


Rostrum+: Wroclaw Hosts the 63rd International Rostrum of Composers

Paris/Wroclaw, May 16, 2016. – The International Music Council, the National Forum of Music and Polish Radio are organizing the 63rd edition of the International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) in Wroclaw, May 16 to 21. The IRC is an international forum of representatives from broadcasting organisations who come together for the purpose of exchanging and broadcasting contemporary music.


MARS: Call for Applications

Are you interested in specialized training to use music with under-resourced communities?
MARS offers a free-of-charge training course!

Cello supervision Beddawi

MARS offers a high level, specialized and certified training in psycho-social music intervention within under-resourced, deprived and marginalised communities, targeting primarily populations of refugees and asylum seekers, which are on a dramatic increase both within Europe and worldwide. The course will equip community musicians, music therapists and other health and education workers with the knowledge, skills and competences to work in problematic multicultural contexts, between hosting and hosted communities, in order to plan and carry out well-matched interventions for the protection of children, adolescents and adults.

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Musical Homelands: New Territories

The 6th European Forum on Music is going to be an occasion for music practitioners, networks, organisations, teachers, emerging professionals, or simply music enthusiasts to come together and exchange, in an open, dynamic and friendly city that is Wroclaw.


New EU-funded cooperation project launches with Needs Analysis

The IMC has recently launched a new Erasmus+ cooperation project called “Music and Resilience Support (MARS)”. MARS will offer specialized training and support for community musicians, music therapists, and health and education workers in psycho-social music theory, techniques and methodology, for use particularly in communities suffering from deprivation and stress.


Rostrum+: Listen, Vote, Win!

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a unique selection of recent creations by emerging composers from all over the world!



The Five Music Rights in Action: The International Music Council adopts roadmap leading up to [email protected]

Version Française

Paris, 24 November 2015. - The 36th General Assembly of the International Music Council took place in Rabat (Morocco), 11–13 November 2015,

The membership of the IMC adopted a series of key decisions that will pave the way to building greater capacity of the organisation and its members and to work towards its vision to be the world’s leading professional organisation dedicated to promotion of the value of music in the lives of all people.


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