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Why Do We Love Music?

The reason why we love music so much can feel too obvious to even enumerate; we love it because we love it, duh. But for around 20 percent of the population, music can literally feel like a friend.


The Tough Questions Vexing Pop Music Listeners

What happens when your favorite musician appropriates your culture, or is accused of sexual assault?


Le fromage et la musique font-ils bon ménage?

Après les moeurs, la musique semble pouvoir adoucir les... fromages. Des chercheurs et étudiants d'art bernois vont tenter l'expérience: ils vont laisser l'Emmental absorber de la musique pour influencer son affinage.

Le Vif

'Shocking' level of sexual harassment at music festivals

Nearly half of female festival goers (43%) under 40 say they have faced unwanted sexual behaviour at a music festival, a new survey suggests.


You vote for my pupil, I’ll vote for yours – the truth about music competitions

Who will break the stranglehold of the Fifa-style music professors?

The Spectator

Effects of ambient music and background noise on food sales

Retail atmospherics is becoming an increasingly important strategic tool for stores and restaurants.


Sex, drugs, and turbulence: the crazy world of celebrity private jets

For rock band in the seventies, renting the Starship was the ultimate status symbol.

The Telegraph

Musique et cerveau : le vrai du faux

Du fameux "effet Mozart" à l'oreille absolue, les effets de la musique sur le cerveau, attestés par les chercheurs, souffrent de nombreux a priori.

France Musique

‘Musical Paralysis’ is a load of bollocks; loads of people never bothered finding new music in the first place

A new report claims that music fans stop discovering new music at the age of thirty and six months.


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