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The Pointy End

Why young punks grow to like classical and jazz in older age

Our music tastes change as we get older to match the shifting social circumstances of our lives, according to a new study.

The Telegraph

How Do You Get Your Parents Into New Music?

"How do you introduce new music to a parent (mid-50s) who is stuck in late-'70s rock mode?"


Driving? Avoid this music...

Studies show that certain genres of music might best be avoided by certain people in the car.


Music industry must take responsibility for coercing women into sexual imagery

Charlotte Church has criticised the music industry as she said young women were being coerced into using sexual imagery to sell their records.

The Telegraph

NACO concert in Chinese city creates quite a buzz, but some of it was from cellphones in the audience

Sometimes the road of cultural diplomacy leads you to a city like Fuling.

Ottawa Citizen

Classical Musicians, Too, Make Berlin Their Capital

When Cameron Carpenter first came here, Berlin was covered in snow and looked as if spies might be lurking in the shadows.

The New York Times

Musicians may be most creative 'when not actually playing instrument'

New research into how and when the muse strikes finds that even fairly mundane activities can feed in to new insights.

The Guardian

Want Quick, Accurate Thinking? Ask a Musician

New research finds musical training appears to sharpen our ability to detect our own mistakes, and rapidly make needed adjustments.

Pacific Standard

Say What? French Horn Players Run Risk Of Hearing Loss

Loud music can lead to hearing loss. But it's not just rock musicians and their fans who are at risk.


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