The Pointy End

7 great places to see music instruments being made

From Steinway pianos in Queens to Kamaka ukuleles in Honolulu, get to the source of these iconic musicmakers.

National Geographic

Prématurés : la musique pour stimuler le cerveau

Une musique spécialement conçue pour les grands prématurés aide à renforcer le développement des réseaux cérébraux, et pourrait ainsi limiter les retards de développement.

Passion Santé

How does music therapy work?

Music therapy works, but no one is really sure how. Now, a novel type of brain scan may provide key insight.

Medical News Today

Listen With Me

As classical music faces a changing world, so do its critics.


The 30 best films about music, chosen by musicians

Movies about musicians, whether biopics, fictions or documentaries, are a fixture in cinema, but judging by the flurry of activity over the past 12 months, we are in an uncommonly busy period, if not a flat-out golden age.

The Guardian

Could music festivals be good for your health?

Millions of people around the world go to music festivals each year. At one time, they were seen as encouraging heavy drinking and drug-taking while providing poor facilities and bad food. But now organisers are more focused on festival-goers' wellbeing.


La musique peut-elle rendre les musiciens fous ?

En ces périodes de grandes incertitudes morales ; où chaque jour les réseaux sociaux déversent directement dans nos consciences la promesse d’une fin plus proche et plus cataclysmique, se tourner vers la musique est probablement la solution de repli la plus saine.

Forum Opéra

World's largest concert piano strikes chord in Latvia

Soaring to new musical heights, a German-born innovator has crafted what is believed to be the world's largest grand piano.

Yahoo News

Gibson explain controversial decision to destroy hundreds of guitars

Last week, footage found its way online of what looks like the worst nightmare of any music lover.

Tone Deaf

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