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Move over K-pop: Korean youth turn to old-time trot music

Young pop stars in South Korea, struck with nostalgia, are performing covers of old-timey trot music on competition shows like “Mister Trot,” which have viewers vote for their favorite acts in an “American Idol”-style format.


Google Doodle Celebrates Musical Instrument From Zimbabwe

The Google Doodle begins with an animation of a young girl walking with her mother, stopping to listen to an elderly man play the mbira. Google users are then invited to learn to play a virtual mbira, by hovering their mouse over the keys, as they play a traditional song called "Nhemamusasa."


Voilà pourquoi la musique d’ascenseur est indispensable à votre déconfinement

Souvent sous estimée, la musique dite d'ascenseur peut vous aider à relativiser cette période bizarre.


¿Por qué en los malos momentos nos aferramos a la música que nos resulta más familiar?

¿Ha habido un cambio en la música que escuchamos y en por qué la escuchamos durante la pandemia del coronavirus?

The Conversation

Neuroscience reveals how rhythm helps us walk, talk — and even love

From heartbeats heard in the womb to rhythmic patterns of thought: 'rhythm is life'.


How pandemics have inspired art, music and literature

Certain themes recur over the centuries. The art inspired by covid-19 may be no different.

The Economist

Musique ou langage ? Le cerveau divisé…

Le cerveau humain ne mobilise pas ses hémisphères de façon équivalente lorsqu’il s’agit de reconnaître une mélodie ou de comprendre une phrase à l’oral.


Can music boost your immune system?

Sound like quackery? It’s not. Numerous studies, including a 2019 review in the journal Annual Research & Review in Biology, have found that both performing and listening to music can have a significant impact on the immune system.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Cautious optimism in China as nightlife resumes after lockdown

Scenes in cities like Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen have been at a standstill since the start of the year from the coronavirus pandemic.

Resident Advisor

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