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The Pointy End

Why is R&B music more explicit than ever?

Tank was nervous after sending his manager a preview of “When We” — he’d never released a song that explicit. “He’s like, ‘You’re crazy, but it’s jammin’!’” the R&B singer recalled. “It ended up being my biggest record ever.”

AP News

Why do we stop exploring new music as we get older?

According to an estimate from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an organisation that represents the international music industry, people around the world spend on average 20.1 hours per week listening to music, up from 18.4 hours in 2021.

The Conversation

Why music causes memories to flood back

This ability of music to conjure up vivid memories is a phenomenon well known to brain researchers. It can trigger intense recollections from years past — for many, more strongly than other senses such as taste and smell — and provoke strong emotions from those earlier experiences.

The Washington Post

Millions de téléchargements aux USA pour ce jeu musical made in France

C'est un site gratuit qui a vu passer plus de 80 millions d’utilisateurs depuis sa création en 2009. L’application Incredibox, devenue payante, a maintenant été téléchargée près de deux millions de fois.

France 3

¿Sabías que el heavy metal es la música que más estimula la actividad cerebral de pacientes sedados?

Cada vez más hospitales incluyen la terapia musical en sus tratamientos. A partir de ahora, van a poder incluir en su catálogo un estilo nuevo: la música heavy.


The Power of Music for Reconnecting Us With Our Past

New research indicates music is a better autobiographical memory cue than food.

Psychology Today

Beyoncé is not the most commercially successful artist of our age but she might be one of the most culturally significant

There is always a flurry of media excitement at this time of year surrounding the Grammys, the American music business’s peer-recognised music awards delivered by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

The Conversation

Ozzy Osbourne arrache la tête d’une chauve-souris

Ozzy Osbourne n’oubliera jamais ce moment infâme, même s’il s’agissait en réalité d’un accident.

Rolling Stones

Canciones de cuna y ‘pop’ coreano: un análisis revela cuál es la música preferida para dormir

Una investigación con 130.150 canciones revela que muchas son lentas y con instrumentos acústicos, pero las listas de Spotify asociadas al sueño también incluyen melodías más rápidas y enérgicas.

El País

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