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The Pointy End

Classical music - on the endangered list?

88 percent of all Germans view classical music as being a key part of their cultural heritage. But only one in five actually go to such concerts.


Hidden hierarchy in string quartets revealed

Scientists have come up with a way to reveal the pecking order within a string quartet.


Why is pop music still stuck on the same old song?

The week after the Grammys, the awards ceremony for commercial pop music in the United States, there was a tsunami of learned commentary and analysis about it in the press.

The Globe and Mail

Classical Music Mythbusters

Classical music abounds with juicy anecdotes – but how many of them are actually true?


Rap Lyrics on Trial

Should rap lyrics be used in court as evidence of a crime?

The New York Times

Scented scarves, scampering fingers and ice: concerts the immersive way

Devised for a society in search of hyperstimulation, BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment by teasing your senses in time with the music.

The Guardian

In contemporary opera, can less be more?

Trickery with 3D, iPhones and sports doping references are all very well, but might a simpler approach be better?


The Disappearing Accent in Pop Music

Why do pop music vocalists generally seem to sing without an accent?

The New York Times

How the MTV generation turned movies into long music videos

All kinds of "social ills" have been blamed on MTV – elongating the period we consider "youth" for example, as well as homogenising it – but a charge much less contestable is simply its influence on the way film and TV looks.

The Guardian

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