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The Pointy End

A Healing Art

Many ancient cultures used sound and music for healing. Pythagoras called it "music medicine." In the Middle Ages, the study of music became a mandatory part of a physician's education.

The Wall Street Journal

The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

Conception Phase: The song is born in a basement, a warehouse, or among buskers on the street or subway station. The song may not be entirely finished yet.

The Awl

Ivory Ban Good for Elephants, a Headache for Musicians

Under new regulations that began to take effect in February, musical instruments that have even the smallest amount of ivory are banned from entering the U.S. unless it can be proved that they were purchased before 1976.


Jazz Brain

The brains of jazz musicians engrossed in spontaneous, improvisational musical conversation showed robust activation of brain areas traditionally associated with spoken language and syntax, which are used to interpret the structure of phrases and sentences.

Medical Xpress

Goals Are Like Jazz Music

A jazz musician can only sound great by playing within the rules of Jazz.

The Huffington Post

Metallica's Bassist Is Producing A Jazz Documentary

In one corner, you have Metallica's Robert Trujillo. In the other, there's the cult favorite fretless player Jaco Pastorius.


Creativity and the Brain: What We Can Learn From Jazz Musicians

Listening to jazz musicians improvise, how the piano player's chords toy with the sax player's runs and the standup bass player's beats, it may seem like their music-making process is simply magic.


Can jazz music help you slim down?

If we are less distracted by the surrounding environment and more focused on our food we are less likely to mindlessly eat, so slow it down and play a little soft jazz at dinner-time!

Cornell University

Beyond the manuscript: the secret life of composers

Their contribution to classical music has been invaluable, and yet we don't ever envisage composers doing anything except for...well...sitting and composing.


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