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The Pointy End

Classical concerts are great. Stop apologizing for them.

An answer to Brönnimann's article on classical concerts: why he gets it wrong on nearly every count, demonstrating some of the most common ways classical presenters shoot themselves in the foot.

Aaron Gervais

Children 'scared to sing' for fear of X Factor-style ridicule

Dominic Peckham says The X Factor is responsible for turning pupils off singing lessons, saying they now "expect to be ridiculed" when appearing before adults.

The Telegraph

Migrating Maestros: Why Are So Many European Conductors Quitting?

The loud grinding of gears we are hearing in Italy and Vienna is not unique to those places. They are warning sounds we will hear all over Planet Opera.


Les compositeurs sont des gens comme les autres

Aaron Copland en train de jardiner, Scriabine ou Debussy en piquenique, Schoenberg jouant au tennis... Un tumblr recense les photographies de compositeurs en train de faire des choses normales.

France Musique

Hungarian scholar stumbles on original score of Mozart sonata

Flipping through a dusty folder of unidentified music scores in Budapest's national library, Hungarian scholar Balazs Mikusi's heart skipped a beat when he came across four pages of the score of a famous Mozart sonata.


Play classical music in hospitals and railway stations to ‘calm public’

The recommendation follows new figures that estimate around 400 public sector workers are assaulted each week.

The Independent

10 Illuminating Facts About The Power Of Music

The power of a good song doesn't stop at your ears — it can also affect your body and soul.

Buzz Feed

China: Soothing Buddhist music said to boost rice crop

Farmers in a village in East China's Fujian Province have claimed that Buddhist music playing in the fields has helped them to increase their rice production.


The complete guide to listening to music at work

Here's why music helps, why it can be detrimental to work, and the best kind of music to check out.


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