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The Pointy End

Los 5 plagios más descarados de la industria musical

Dentro de esta lista se incluyen artistas famosos y reconocidos por su talento, que jamás crearías que hubieran copiado el trabajo de alguien más.


Writing About Music

I’m not sure anyone has ever figured out how to write about music.

3 Quarks Daily

Singing in the brain

MIT neuroscientists have identified a population of neurons in the human brain that respond to singing but not other types of music.


A Stanford Psychologist Says He’s Cracked the Code of One-Hit Wonders

What separates Blind Melon from Shania Twain?

The Atlantic

Cette année-là... 1919 en musique !

Découverte en musique de l'année 1919, année prolifique où sont créés le ballet le Tricorne de De Falla ou le Concerto pour violoncelle d’Elgar entre autres.

Radio France

¿Qué es la música bionatural y por qué puede ayudar a calmarte?

Lo que hace característico a este tipo de música es la frecuencia de onda con la que se exponen los oídos a estos sonidos y la respuesta neuronal a los mismos.

El Sol de Toluca

The Legend of the Music Tree

Exotic lumber salvaged from a remote forest in Belize is the world’s most coveted tonewood.


It’s your party and they’ll cry if you want them to: the lost art of picking funeral songs

In some ways, death occasions your defining DJ set, the ultimate exit music: choosing a song to go out to.

The Guardian

10 Worst Performances In Rock Music History

Every rocker will tell you how important it is to crush it in a live setting. As much fun as making magic in the studio can be, it's not going to mean a single thing if you can't translate that to millions of fans in front of you night after night. While we have no shortage of great gigs, not every massive show goes down with necessarily flying colors.

What Culture

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