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How to Find Classical Music You Actually Like

Classical music has been evolving for centuries, so there are all different kinds of sounds. That means that if you hate one kind, you can still love several other kinds.

Life Hacker

Dépression et addiction sont en train de tuer toute une génération de rappeurs

L’image renvoyée par les stars de la musique, qui ont en apparence tout pour elles, rend parfois difficile la visualisation d’une dépression. La drogue, on comprend, on dit même qu'elle fait partie du truc; mais la dépression... L’argent, le succès, les fans ou l’épanouissement artistique: cela rend forcément heureux! Que nenni.


Beyoncé and the Bible

In the course students learned what Beyoncé can teach us about the Bible, and what the Bible can teach us about Beyoncé.


Super Empathetic? It May Affect How You Listen to Music.

Music is, objectively, not a living thing — but new research out of Southern Methodist University and the University of California, Los Angeles, suggests that we don’t always treat it that way, and sometimes even think of it as another social being.


If you listen closely, the drumbeats of Amazonian tribes sound like human speech

For centuries, people from the forests of West Africa, Asia, and the Amazon have been using drums to send long-distance messages.

Science Mag

Will Jarring Music Drive Drug Users From a German Train Station?

In public transit stations from London to New York you often hear the sound of gentle classical music — some Mozart perhaps, maybe some Bach. It’s piped in as an easy way to calm angry passengers, and discourage teenagers from hanging around.

The New York Times

Des cours d'harmonica pour soigner des maladies pulmonaires

Aux États-Unis, des thérapeutes font prendre des cours d'harmonica à leurs patients atteints de maladie pulmonaire obstructive chronique. Les particularités de ce petit instrument aident certaines personnes à mieux respirer.

France Musique

Ironically, Beetles Respond Poorly to Rock 'n' Roll

New research finds the insects devour fewer aphids when forced to listen to AC/DC or other hard rock music. Country music didn't have the same negative effect.

PS Mag

More than a glare, not quite throwing cough drops, miffed Muti stops CSO show

The orchestra’s 76-year-old Italian music director brought his hands down, signaling the orchestra to stop.

Chicago Sun Times

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