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How music plagiarism ruined a composer’s career

Suppose you want to write a brand-new popular tune. A piano has only eighty-eight keys, and the span of the human voice is even narrower. Is it possible to write a new one that doesn't echo an old one?

The Nation

English National Opera Launches Lottery For Seats

The English National Opera is to launch a new seat "lottery" scheme in an effort to draw bigger audiences, with visitors paying £20 for a ticket without knowing where they will end up sitting.

The Telegraph

How Are Your Music Tastes Changing As You Get Older?

As a kid I always assumed I'd listen to classical music when I got older. That's what my parents played all the time and what I assumed all grownups listened to, almost like a right of passage into adulthood.


The world of music is straddled by female Goliaths. Why?

Young women are achieving every kind of musical success, while the idea of the "male pop star" seems to have ground to a halt with David Bowie. What's going on with the boys?

New Statesman

Madame Mao's Hollywood Fantasies

During the chaos and oppression of China's Cultural Revolution, one curious new theatrical genre was born — and it was the child of the Communist Party.


Working with Choreographers

Many years ago, before I had even begun to compose, I had the opportunity to improvise the music for a piece on a dance recital. One of the dance faculty at Northern Illinois University needed some accompaniment reminiscent of Native American music, so I brought in a tenor recorder and a drum, and worked with her over a few weeks.

New Music Box

Music provides escape from stressful semester

For many students, the semester can be stressful, packed with homework, exams and activities. And to escape the stress found in daily lives, some use music to deal with it. However, it is not only students who turn to music when life gets difficult.

Collegian Online

Willem-Alexander Dutch investiture: King's Song outcry

Tens of thousands of people in the Netherlands have objected to an official King's Song marking the 30 April investiture of Willem-Alexander.


Turkish composer and pianist convicted of blasphemy on Twitter

Composer Say Fazil was accused of denigrating Islam in a series of tweets including a retweet of a verse by the 11th-century Persian poet Omar Khayyám.

The Guardian

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