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The Pointy End

Le classique, la musique du mal au cinéma ?

De « M le maudit » au « Silence des agneaux », en passant par « Orange Mécanique » et les films de James Bond, les plus grands antagonistes partagent tous une passion pour la musique classique. Serait-elle la musique du mal ?

France Musique

La sinestesia fónica: las letras tienen música y color

Tus letras son del color que aparecen en tu cabeza o, quizá, para ti, no tienen colores ni olores ni sabores. Para algunos una letra es solo un signo y un sonido. Otros ven un Pantone de colores cuando piensan en el alfabeto.

El Diario

Scientists created the quietest place on earth

After a number of minutes, you’ll begin to hear your own heartbeat. Stick it out a little longer, and you’ll hear your own blood flowing and bones grinding.

Classic FM

Can K-pop stars wield their celebrity to influence climate action?

K-pop band Blackpink put out a climate change video expressing concern for the environment. Soon after its release, they were named cultural ambassadors to COP26, the upcoming United Nations’ climate talks in Glasgow.


AI-generated Nirvana, Hendrix songs shine spotlight on music industry mental health

For anyone who’s ever lost themselves in a Nirvana or Amy Winehouse song and wondered wistfully what music they would have produced if Winehouse and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain had lived beyond their 20s, a new project by mental health organization Over the Bridge has provided an AI-generated answer.

CTV News

Pourquoi l'art est-il indispensable à notre cerveau ?

Les arts seront un outil de premier ordre pour aider à la reconstruction de notre santé mentale après la crise, affirme l'Organisation mondiale de la santé. Alors que la fermeture des lieux de culture s'éternise, les neuroscientifiques expliquent pourquoi l'art est indispensable à notre cerveau.

France Musique

Escucha cómo una tela de araña se traduce a música

Científicos han traducido la estructura de una tela de araña en música, con aplicaciones que van desde mejores impresoras 3D hasta comunicación entre especies y composiciones musicales de otro mundo.


The Metropolitan Opera Versus the Internet

Satire, as Philip Roth once described it, is a moral outrage turned into comic art.


SF Opera Develops New COVID-19 Singing Mask for Rehearsals

In a strange marriage of arts and science, The San Francisco Opera costume department teamed up with doctors from UCSF to create a mask that will allow the company's singers to safely rehearse together -- while greatly diminishing the chances of spreading COVID-19.


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