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Pour attirer les vaches, rien ne vaut le saxophone

Quelques accords de Stevie Wonder, et c'est tout le troupeau qui est à vos pieds.


Playlist for life: personalized music can help dementia patients

Personalized music playlists that rekindle memories of childhood and happy moments may bring joy to dementia patients, because music can activate parts of the brain not affected by the disease, experts say.

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On Hating Madonna

Today, the world’s most accomplished pop star provokes ire and indifference. Where did she — or we — go wrong?

Huffington Post

Does a hit song really need 9 writers?

A major international hit, it topped charts across Europe, and became the UK's fifth best-selling single of 2018. But their prize had to be shared between nine writers - a phenomenon that's become increasingly common.


Why Are the Movies So Obsessed With Pop Stars?

From “Rocketman” to “Her Smell,” “Blaze” to “Vox Lux,” the film industry seems to think all musicians have the same ups and downs.

The New York Times

Radiohead diffuse 18 heures d'enregistrements pour contrer un hacker

Les enregistrements datent de l'époque où Radiohead a sorti "OK Computer", son album culte.

Huffington Post

Surrender to the mechanical marvels of the world’s most intricate music box

Since 2014, the experimental Swedish band Wintergatan has gained a robust online following by chronicling their efforts to assemble mindbogglingly intricate music boxes powered entirely by hand.


Human brains have evolved to 'prefer' music and speech

New evidence suggests that human brains "listen" for musical pitch, a preference that scientists have not detected in monkeys.

Medical News Today

The Day the Music Burned

It was the biggest disaster in the history of the music business — and almost nobody knew. This is the story of the 2008 Universal fire.

The New York Times

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