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Sharks love jazz but are stumped by classical

It has been thought that sharks have learned to associate the sound of a boat engine with food, because food is often thrown from tourist boats to attract sharks to cage-diving expeditions – the study shows that they can learn these associations quickly.

The Guardian

Music Makes Surgery Less Scary and Painful, and There's 30 Years of Research to Back That Up

The studies, which collectively involved more than 7,000 patients, were published between 1980 and 2016 and compared patients’ perceptions of their anxiety and pain to a control group.


How music can fight prejudice

New research from Portugal finds youngsters feel more positively toward members of an ethnic minority if they have learned songs from their culture.

Pacific Standard

Why Are Pop Stars Trying to Be Performance Artists?

In the past several decades, performance art—or at least the evocation of “performance art”—has somewhat unexpectedly wormed its way into popular music.

The New Yorker

Restaurant : La musique influence nos choix de plats

Il ressort d'une étude internationale que la musique diffusée dans les restaurants aurait une influence sur les commandes des clients.


How music helps the heart find its beat

"Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation," wrote scientist Oliver Sacks.

Medical News Today

When Critics Could Kill

What was it like when a review could end a career? Most musicians still don’t want to talk about it.


Paul McCartney tops 2018 Sunday Times list of richest musicians

In second and third place are Lord Lloyd Webber and U2 with wealth figures of £740m and £569m respectively.

Music Week

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