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Spotify wants your pet to listen to music too

Spotify is rolling out a playlist generator for your dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and iguanas.


‘Deaf’ genius Beethoven was able to hear his final symphony after all

Musicologist uncovers evidence that, contrary to established belief, the great composer retained some hearing in his final years.

The Guardian

Se réveiller en musique améliorerait notre niveau de vigilance

Le choix de la sonnerie du réveil pourrait influencer notre niveau de vigilance de manière plus ou moins négative selon le type de son sélectionné, suggère une nouvelle étude australienne publiée fin janvier.


Music could promote brain development in preterm babies

An international research team has shown, for the first time, that music therapy applied to preterm infants can influence the structural maturation of their auditory and emotional brain areas.

Physics World

Against Chill: Apathetic Music to Make Spreadsheets To

Although I recognize the utility of listening to non-distracting study music, I nonetheless find it disheartening to see art being reconfigured, over and over again, as a tool for productivity—and then, when the work is finally done, as a tool for coming down from the work.

The New Yorker

When Music Is the Best Medicine

Music therapists can meet the spiritual, psychological and aesthetic needs of the afflicted by producing sounds testifying to the fact that beauty continues to exist in the world.

The New York Times

Why John Lennon Wasn’t Able to Write Music for ‘Apocalypse Now’

Many Beatles fans don’t know that John once exchanged interesting letters with one of the most acclaimed directors in cinema history: Francis Ford Coppola.


Pets by Spotify

Votre animal de compagnie peut désormais avoir sa propre playlist !


Music evokes 13 key emotions. Scientists have mapped them

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have surveyed more than 2,500 people in the United States and China about their emotional responses to these and thousands of other songs from genres including rock, folk, jazz, classical, marching band, experimental and heavy metal.

Medical Xpress

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