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Music is not mysterious

For centuries, philosophers have got music wrong by making it mysterious, says Lydia Goehr, professor of philosophy at Columbia University in New York.


Five Famous Composers Who Suffered From Deafness

Hearing loss has been an occupational hazard for musicians for some time. It has been receiving more attention recently as significant numbers of musicians have reported how their careers have brought hearing difficulties with them.


La vie scène des DJ

Entre jetlag, couloirs d’aéroport, querelles de ménage et gueules de bois, le quotidien des stars des platines n’est pas si festif. Pour durer : yoga, running et shiatsu.


Lost in music: the world of obsessive audiophilia

Yes, I am Jonathan and I am an audiophile. I’m not a bad audiophile. I’m in control. So I’m a little contemptuous of the type of hardcore audiophile that buys, say, speaker cables, for tens of thousands of pounds – and insists they can hear the difference.

The Guardian

Paris Attack Rocks the Music Scene

The Foo Fighters, Natalie Portman, U2 and other entertainers have cancelled events in Paris following deadly terrorist attacks in the city.

The Sidney Morning Herald

Have you heard of catstep or deep discofox?

Music streaming service shines a light into the strangest underground subcultures - with truly bizarre results.


Why it's time to turn the music off

In almost every public place today the ears are assailed by the sound of pop music.


This inspiring documentary takes you through the creation of a cello from scratch

The sound of the cello expresses intimacy, warmth, fullness and is at the same time lyrical, tragic, epic and melancholic. How can all this be achieved?


Can Festivals Help Opera Companies Stay Fresh?

It is no secret that thoughtful managers of opera companies are seeking ways to keep the art form fresh and appealing and to sell tickets to performances.


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