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The Pointy End

Cada vez escuchamos menos canciones nuevas. ¿Está la música de ayer matando a la de hoy?

‘Stranger Things’ ha provocado que un tema de 1985 se convierta en la canción más reproducida en Spotify en Estados Unidos. Cada semana, decenas de éxitos del pasado resucitan también en TikTok. Después, explotan en las listas de éxitos


What would music sound like on Mars?

NASA's Perseverance rover has been surveying the surface of Mars since February 2021, and has been recording sounds since the day after its arrival on the red planet.

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Musical preferences linked to personality

The American Psychological Association has published a paper that seems to suggest that there are universal patterns in musical preferences.


The 5 best websites for downloading public domain music

Thanks to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, it has never been easier to get access to commercial music. But those apps are intended for personal entertainment. If you need to feature music in any sort of creative project, you probably want to find public domain music or content governed by a Creative Commons license.

Business Insider

Musicothérapie : quand la musique panse les plaies

Pratiquée en indépendant, dans des associations, dans des maisons de retraite voire dans des hôpitaux psychiatriques, la musicothérapie s’installe depuis plusieurs dizaines d’années dans le paysage médical français.


Los 5 plagios más descarados de la industria musical

Dentro de esta lista se incluyen artistas famosos y reconocidos por su talento, que jamás crearías que hubieran copiado el trabajo de alguien más.


Writing About Music

I’m not sure anyone has ever figured out how to write about music.

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Singing in the brain

MIT neuroscientists have identified a population of neurons in the human brain that respond to singing but not other types of music.


A Stanford Psychologist Says He’s Cracked the Code of One-Hit Wonders

What separates Blind Melon from Shania Twain?

The Atlantic

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