The Pointy End

The Day the Music Burned

It was the biggest disaster in the history of the music business — and almost nobody knew. This is the story of the 2008 Universal fire.

The New York Times

Why We Like Certain Music: The Brain And Musical Preference

Most classical music lovers can rattle off at least a few different reasons why they love the genre that spans many centuries of Western music.

Ludwig Van

Ronaldinho en campagne contre la corruption

Le Ballon d'or 2005, célèbre pour ses dribles endiablés, a participé dans un titre du chanteur Jorge Vercillo qui critique la corruption dans son pays.


The math behind the music

Physics professor applies tools of statistical mechanics to explain why basic ordered patterns emerge in music across time and cultures.

Science Daily

Music helps to develop the neural networks of premature infants

To help the brains of these fragile newborns develop as well as possible despite the stressful environment of intensive care, researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), Switzerland, propose an original solution: music written especially for them.

News Medical

Feeling stressed? Join a choir

One of the UK’s leading psychiatrists has said that students who are feeling stressed should try joining a choir.

Classic FM

Study links love of instrumental music to intelligence

The Savanna‐IQ Interaction Hypothesis, based on the Savannah Principle, proposes that intelligent people are more likely to be attracted to novel stimuli than other individuals are.

Big Think

La musique aide-t-elle à mieux apprendre ?

Vaut-il mieux travailler en musique ou en silence pour étudier efficacement ? La musique peut-elle aider à apprendre ? Interfère-t-elle sur le cerveau ? Les réponses d'un formateur en neurosciences de l'apprentissage par ailleurs musicien.


How air guitar became a serious sport

Advertised as the “greatest thing you’ve never seen,” the 2019 U.S. Air Guitar Championships will take place this summer.

The Conversation

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