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How Do Music and Poetry Become Expressive?

Music and poetry share a capacity to make their audience feel things. How do they do it? Do the same cognitive mechanisms play a role in both art forms?

Psychology Today

Mapping the Sounds of Political Protest Around the World

A new project is collecting recordings of public activism going back to 1991.

Atlas Obscura

Here’s What Music Surgeons Are Listening To In The Operating Room

If you’ve ever wondered what surgeons are listening to while you’re going under the knife, all has now been revealed, because Spotify have released figures on the types of music commonly listened to during in the operating room.

Music Feeds

Les radios pirates, la pop en poupe

Dans les années 60, Radio Caroline ou Radio London ont agi en contre-pouvoir de la vénérable BBC.


Are Catgut Instrument Strings Really Made From Cat Guts?

Greek mythology has it that Hermes strung the first lyre with the entrails of freshly slaughtered cows he had stolen from his brother Apollo.


D’où vient le «yo» des rappeurs ?

Contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait croire, il a une origine ancestrale, bien loin des rappeurs en claquettes chaussettes.


How the deaf experience of music can enrich music for everyone

A fascinating exploration of the diversity of human sensory experience, Labyrinth delves into the often complex relationship between the deaf and music.


1 in 3 professional musicians have suffered from an eating disorder

Musicians responding to a major new study reported severe levels of stress and depression, and extremely severe levels of anxiety.

Arts Professional

How maths helps us understand why music moves people

Music is known to provoke the senses, give pleasure and sometimes move people to tears. Surely this has little to do with mathematical models which are so frequently associated with cold and rational logic.

The Conversation

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