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The K-pop wannabes – a photo essay

An estimated 1 million wannabe stars of K-pop, from South Korea, Japan and beyond, are hoping to get a taste of fame by competing in auditions for talent agencies, which take on a select few as trainees.

The Guardian

Hip hop is 'best music for improving taste of cheese'

The researchers behind an unusual – and high-profile – Swiss study which looked into what type of music is best when it comes to improving the taste of cheese have come up with an answer: hip hop.

The Local

From reducing stress to improving memory

Using the power of music to get better, both mentally and physically, and live well can pay rich dividends.

Economic Times

Avec Anipo, la lutte contre le vol d’instruments de musique s’organise

La plupart des musiciens vous le diront. Leur instrument est souvent considéré comme un membre à part entière, comme un prolongement de leur corps. Certains vont encore plus loin en le considérant comme un être vivant, comme un enfant.

France Musique

Welcome to the Age of Pop ‘Plagiarism’

In 2019, the question of if and how a song has been copied is an incredibly complicated one.


This US college has a musical vending machine

Instead of your usual collection of sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks, this vending machine pushes out Dominant violin strings, rosin blocks and reeds.

Classic FM

What is musical genre exactly?

Billboard's decision to remove Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" from its country chart exposes how artists' race and class—more than their sounds—have always defined genre.

Pacific Standard

Pourquoi aimons-nous chanter ?

« J’ai un sentiment de liberté quand je chante », « c’est un besoin vital », « chanter, c’est communier... » .Vous aimez chanter et vous y puisez un sentiment de bien-être incomparable. Mais d'où vient-il ? Du cerveau, bien sûr ! Tentons de décrypter ses mécanismes, neurosciences à l'appui.

France Musique

Playing Skrillex May Help Ward Off Mosquito Bites

The EDM artist’s mix of very high and low-frequency beats discourages the insects from biting victims, having sex.

Smithsonian Mag

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